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YouTube inventor makes square-wheeled bicycle … and it works


Apr 13, 2023
YouTube inventor makes square-wheeled bicycle ... and it works


“Oh, I don’t know …” “Just because.” “Why not?” Those are all perfectly acceptable reasons to do something, as far as we’re concerned. And that’s what we’re guessing was behind the decision that one intrepid YouTuber made to build a custom bicycle with square tires. Everything about the machine had to be rethought in order to accommodate the quadratic wheels, from the drive system to the frame’s dimensions. We’d try to describe how he did it, but really it’s better to just watch the video up above and see for yourself.

Done? OK, good. So now you know that the square wheels don’t actually spin inside the tubes, which actually makes it look even freakier than it may otherwise. But this isn’t the first time this YouTube inventor has taken it upon himself to reinvent the wheel. In previous builds, The Q has imagined up bicycles that “walk,” bicycles that use tennis balls for tires, bicycles with split wheels, bicycles with airless tires, bicycles with no hubs, and a whole lot more. This builder is nothing if not inventive. And talented. And determined, as you’ll see if you watch enough of his videos.

In reality, there’s no practical purpose for this bicycle with square tires that we can think of, other than to look interesting. Still, well … why not, right?

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