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10 Presentation Trends to Help Your Next Pitch


May 3, 2023
10 Presentation Trends to Help Your Next Pitch


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Presentations have become a critical part of professional and educational settings. Whether you are pitching a new project, delivering a report or teaching a lesson, your presentation design can make or break your message. So, you must hit the nail on the head with every presentation you make.

As a result, the demand for visually engaging and convincing presentations is on the rise. In fact, a whopping 91% of presenters feel more confident when presenting with a well-designed slide deck. However, effective presentation design is not static. It evolves with changing preferences, technologies, and expectations of the audience.

To keep your presentations fresh and engaging, you must stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in presentation design. So, this blog will update you on the latest presentation design trends to help you stay at the frontier of the art of presentation design. Let’s begin!

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Top 10 modern presentation design trends in 2023

Replace boring traditional presentations with modern presentations that grip the audience by incorporating these top 10 presentation design trends in 2023.

  1. Use of augmented reality (AR). Enhance your presentation by overlaying digital information onto the physical environment through augmented reality. This creates a more interactive and realistic experience for your audience, making your presentation more memorable.
  2. Flowing shapes. Incorporate organic and irregular shapes into your presentation design to create dynamic and attractive visuals that capture attention and maintain focus. These flowing shapes add an element of movement and energy to your slides, keeping your audience engaged. Here is an example of flowing shapes while implementing dark modes.
  3. Application of 3D design. Use realistic and immersive graphics to create depth and dimension by adding 3D elements that enhance your content. Ensure that 3D graphics are high-quality but do not slow down your presentation or distract the audience.
  4. Increasing popularity of dark mode. Utilize dark backgrounds and light text to reduce eye strain and make your content stand out. This design feature looks modern and enhances readability, ensuring your message gets across effectively.
  5. Growing use of interactive VR technology. Take realism and engagement to the next level by creating VR 3D experiences that customers can interact with using VR headsets and controllers. These are highly engrossing presentations that are tricky to master but unparalleled in effectiveness.
  6. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Employ algorithms and machine learning to automate and optimize various aspects of presentation design, such as content creation, data analysis, speech recognition and personalization. This allows you to focus on delivering an impactful message while AI takes care of the design details.
  7. Increased use of video content and mixed media. Video content is highly popular, making more than 82% of web traffic, and you can leverage them in your presentations as well! You must also combine audio, visuals, animations, and text to deliver a rich, immersive experience that caters to different learning styles.
  8. Advanced data visualization. Transform complex data into simple and clear visual forms using graphs, infographics, animations, and explainer videos to support your arguments and reveal insights. By presenting data visually appealingly, you can make your presentation more persuasive and easier for your audience to understand.
  9. Increasing use of short videos, animations and GIFs. Utilize animated images or clips to convey information or emotion, but keep animations short and relevant to maintain audience engagement. Also, remember to optimize animation and GIF file sizes to prevent slow loading times. Here is an example.
  10. Holographic presentations. Holographic presentations are a way of using multimedia content (such as images, videos, charts, etc.) to communicate with your audience through an engaging, three-dimensional medium. They can be created by using cameras that capture the speaker from different angles and project them onto a special screen or platform. They can also include special effects and sounds to enhance the experience.

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Tips for creating and delivering a killer presentation

Ready to incorporate the latest trends into your presentations? Follow these pro presentation tips to make the most of your first modern presentation-

  • Do proper homework on the subject. Research your topic thoroughly to ensure you can present accurate information and answer questions confidently.
  • Start with a hook. Include an interesting or surprising fact, statistic, or anecdote that captures your audience’s attention and encourages them to want to learn more.
  • Tell an engaging story. Narrate a story that relates to your topic, making it more relatable and memorable for your audience.
  • Use visual elements. Incorporate high-quality images, graphics, and videos to support your message and maintain audience interest. Presentations having visuals are 43% more persuasive than those lacking them.
  • Add a touch of humor. Lighten the mood with appropriate jokes or funny anecdotes to make your presentation more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Have a parking lot for questions. Set aside time at the end of your presentation for questions, ensuring you address any audience inquiries or concerns.
  • Keep it short and simple. Limit your presentation to the essential information and avoid lengthy explanations. The optimal length of a presentation is between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Incorporate Data when required. Use data, statistics, or charts to back up your points and add credibility to your presentation.
  • Practice your delivery. Rehearse your presentation multiple times to ensure a smooth and professional delivery.
  • Maintain eye contact and interact with the audience. Engage with your audience by making eye contact, demonstrating confidence and fostering a connection.
  • Control your pacing. Speak slowly and clearly, pausing when appropriate to allow your audience time to absorb the information.
  • End with a strong closing. Summarize your main points and conclude your presentation with a memorable statement or call to action.

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Implementing these presentation design trends and tips will help you create visually appealing and compelling presentations that stand out and capture your audience’s attention while communicating your message.

To get started, you can use any reputed presentation design tool or go with a presentation design agency and leverage their expertise and experience to ensure the best standards. Whichever option you choose, always remember to stay up to date with the latest design trends and continually refine your presentation skills to stand out and make a lasting impression.

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