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3 Pieces of Wise Business Advice From Eventbrite’s Julia Hartz


Apr 28, 2023
3 Pieces of Wise Business Advice From Eventbrite's Julia Hartz


This week on How Success Happens, I had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Hartz, the co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite, a global online self-service ticketing platform listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Hartz has had an amazing career, and I was curious to find out how her background influenced her business strategy, what inspired Eventbrite and how she stays motivated despite ongoing external challenges. Here are three of the most helpful takeaways from our full conversation, which you can listen to below.

1. The importance of a solid work ethic

Hartz started working at a very early age. The second she got her permit to work she got a job at a local coffee shop and learned the significance of customer service and the value of the hard-earned dollar. Years later, while she was attending a small liberal arts school in California, she realized that to stand out she was going to need to work twice as hard. Working and going to school at night, she later landed jobs on the set of Friends and at MTV and FX before founding Eventbrite in 2006.

Timestamps — 1:07 and 10:16

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2. Embrace your roots

Hartz grew up dancing about 20 hours a week, which gave her the structure and framework to take feedback, make adjustments on the fly and improvise and showed her the meaning of human connection. It also taught her about integrity and how you always have to step up for your team and give it your all, despite any obstacles that might come your way.

Timestamps — 1:07, 5:00 and 6:17

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3. The power of entrepreneurship

Since Eventbrite’s inception, Hartz has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs. Amidst the pandemic, some of the creators on the platform experienced the absolute most stressful environments for their businesses but have come back in a way that helps the entire world heal. Today, Hartz is focused on helping creators build a bigger audience, engage more customers and scale at a more rapid rate than ever before.

Timestamp — 34:00

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