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5 Ways to Use Data to Make Faster — and Better — Business Decisions


Apr 22, 2023
5 Ways to Use Data to Make Faster — and Better — Business Decisions


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Business leaders need to have instant data access and analysis to make rapid decisions, yet getting what they need is often hampered by a lack of access and analysis, siloed teams and overwhelmed IT departments. Here are five ways you can break down siloes and get your employees what they need to collaborate and make business function decisions faster.

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Your marketing team needs to move at the speed of customers. They need to know if their new marketing campaign is working today so they can adjust it tomorrow. Your inventory management team wants supply chain products and supply visibility to quickly shift inventory to locations running low. Your sales team knows time is money and wants to know which accounts need an in-person visit to close the deal or if a sales campaign is more appropriate at this stage in the buyer’s journey.

These needs require instant access to data from a multitude of sources. Typically, these departments ask IT for a report. But the sophisticated data analytics of today requires a specialized IT talent that’s scarce, and the velocity of data makes those requests a frustration for all. The data is needed immediately and the IT team is unable to respond in real time.

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