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Airbnb Launches Series of Money-Saving, Privacy Upgrades


May 3, 2023
Airbnb Launches Series of Money-Saving, Privacy Upgrades


Airbnb is making changes to encourage guests to continue using the service despite inflation and more cost-conscious traveling behavior.

The company announced on Wednesday a series of 50+ upgrades to its website including the rollout of the new Airbnb Rooms, which they’re calling a “new take on the original Airbnb.” The company launched in 2008.

The option to book a private room in a larger home has been an option on Airbnb since day one and is usually preferred by solo travelers or those looking for a cheaper option.

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But safety concerns have also run high among Airbnb users, and now the company is trying to make the Rooms service more attractive in an attempt to keep customers booking through the site at an affordable rate.

As a part of Rooms, customers will have access to a new feature called “Host Passport” which will show users information about the host, everything from their hobbies to the different languages they speak to photos of them that they choose to post.

Credit: Airbnb

Rooms will also include more privacy features, such as whether or not they’ll be sharing a bathroom if other Airbnb guests will be renting in the same home, and whether or not the hosts will be there. Guests will also be informed about whether or not their rooms have locks.

Credit: Airbnb

“We know there’s a lot of talk and concern about the economy, inflation, the possibility of recession,” Airbnb’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nate Blecharczyk told FOX Business. “I think people are going to be a little bit more price-conscious.”

Airbnb estimates that the average price of a room stay on its site is $67 per night and that nearly 80% of all rooms listed are priced under $100.

Other changes aimed at cost-saving announced on Wednesday include allowing short-term renters to pay off their fees over time during certain stays, allowing users to pay directly through their banks in order to avoid credit card fees, and giving long-term renters discounts after a third month.

Airbnb is expected to oversee 300 million guests in 2023.

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