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Delta CEO Warns of Higher Tickets Prices This Summer


May 18, 2023
Delta CEO Warns of Higher Tickets Prices This Summer


If you were excited about the government’s new plan for new regulations that will require airlines to provide compensation and cover meals and hotel rooms for passengers who are left stranded at airports due to airline screwups, the CEO of Delta Air Lines is here to throw a wet blanket on your celebration.

Appearing on CBS Mornings, Ed Bastian said the associated costs of those regulations will surely trickle down to consumers, calling it “common business logic.”

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“There’s no question if there is another layer of government regulation and cost that’s introduced into the system, it’ll eventually find its way back into ticket prices,” he explained.

President Biden said the new regulations (which exclude delays caused by weather or circumstances out of an airline’s control) were created because travelers “deserve to be fully compensated.”

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On CBS Mornings, Bastian disputed that travelers aren’t being compensated, specifying that they’ve paid “hundreds of millions of dollars for customers.” He added, “We do it at Delta because its great service… you know if something goes awry Delta’s going to be there for you.”

Fox Business News reports that airline fares dropped about 2.6% from March after four months of increases.

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