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Doordash Delivery Driver Steals Pizza From Customer: Video


May 1, 2023
Doordash Delivery Driver Steals Pizza From Customer: Video


Most food delivery apps require drivers to take a photo of the delivery once it’s been made as proof that the order was completed.

But one DoorDash driver in California tried to cheat the system by taking a photo of pizzas he “delivered” before stealing them after the shot was taken.

A business owner in Oakland, who is choosing to remain anonymous, said that he ordered pizza for his staff in order to “cheer them up.”

Video footage shows the driver taking the pizzas out of his blue sedan, placing them at the door of the business, and snapping a photo. The driver then proceeded to grab the pizzas and put them back in his car, presumably stealing them for himself.

“We take this report extremely seriously and are urgently investigating,” a DoorDash representative said in a statement to local outlet KTVU. “Any Dasher found to have stolen food will face consequences, including deactivation.”

DoorDash implemented the photo-taking policy in 2020 when it began allowing customers to opt-in for “no contact delivery.”

Although the business wasn’t named, the owner claimed to KTVU that this incident was just another hit in a slew of attacks on the business, including a burglary where robbers “stole about $500 of products” and a car being driven through the building.

“I’m an ultimate optimist,” the owner told the local outlet. “But this makes me lose faith in humanity. I know there are good people out there. But the bad people right now are winning.”

DoorDash did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for additional comment.

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