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ERC Alert: Billions of Dollars Still Available, Businesses Can Get Up to $26,000 Per Employee


May 12, 2023
ERC Alert: Billions of Dollars Still Available, Businesses Can Get Up to $26,000 Per Employee


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The federal government created the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program to reward companies that were impacted during the pandemic, yet managed to continue to keep people employed.

But there’s one significant problem…hardly anyone knows about it. Far more attention was paid to the PPP loan program, so few people were aware the ERC credits existed.

It’s true, the ERC program set aside billions of dollars for businesses to claim and only a fraction of that money has actually been paid out. And, unlike the PPP program, it’s not a loan.

A company called Financial Match helps all types and all sizes of businesses with the ERC application, giving those businesses an opportunity to maximize their ERC funds.

Companies can contact Financial Match now, take a quick quiz, and find out if they’re eligible for ERC credits and apply for the ERC in an easy four-step process.

To learn more, click here.

How is ERC better?

The ERC program is rewarding employers that kept employees on their payroll through the pandemic. That means a business could get up to $26,000 per employee per year.

While the IRS tax form is complicated and detailed, Financial Match created a simple, four-step process to make any business owner’s life easy:

Step 1 – Take the Qualification Quiz

Step 2 – Fill Out An Application (online or over the phone)

Step 3 – Obtain The Right Documents And Information

Step 4 – Process And Submit The Application, Then Wait For An IRS Payment

ERC application made simple.

Financial Match has helped:

  • One restaurant obtain more than $900,000 in ERC Credits
  • A construction company obtain more than $400,000 in ERC credits
  • A mechanical supply companies obtain almost $1.2 million in ERC credits

And the best part for those companies, Financial Match takes no up-front fees and makes life as easy as possible for the owner, the company says.

Financial Match works hand-in-hand with owners and the executive team to get the job done right. The company actually works with financial experts, so that every application is reviewed by a licensed CPA, Financial Match says.

Finance options for businesses.

The federal government laid out several programs, but ERC might be the best.

The PPP program was drained quickly, and since it was a loan there are individuals wrestling with tax issues for months, or even years, later. ERC doesn’t have the same strings attached, which is why the application process is so complicated. The hard work on the front end means more clarity on tax standing.

Plus, the ERC program isn’t a loan. It’s almost a reward for doing right by employees. So, it’s almost as if the federal government is giving your tax dollars back to you.

With interest rates sky high due to inflation , taking out a private loan through a lender or a bank is a non-starter for most companies.

So, for companies in the warehouse, retail, mechanical supply, business service, QSR or other industries – ERC is likely the way to go.

Contact Financial Match today.

There are billions of dollars of ERC funds sitting in an account, waiting for you. No matter how busy you are, that’s your money in the form of tax credits you need.

If you’re knee-deep in operations, handling inventory, building or rebuilding your company, or if you just can’t handle monotonous tax forms, then contact Financial Match and take the first steps to solve this problem.

They have a strong track record of helping clients get maximum returns in the shortest amount of time. And any time you can save time and make money, you have to jump at that.

So click the link below and take their quick quiz now. You’ll be glad you did.

Click here to see if you’re eligible for up to $26,000 per employee.

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