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How Rohan Brown Became a Top Tech Entrepreneur


Apr 21, 2023
How Rohan Brown Became a Top Tech Entrepreneur


“One Friday afternoon in middle school, I got called into my principal’s office. When I walked in, there were a few cops waiting for me and no one looked too happy to see me. Earlier that day, a friend and I thought it would be a good idea to rob our classmates with a BB gun. We were just playing around, but our classmates didn’t think it was too funny.”

This is the beginning of Rohan Brown’s story, an entrepreneur whose journey started when he was arrested when he was just 12 years old. He says that this event forever changed the course of his life, which he details in compelling and inspiring episodes of his show My Stories, which you can find streaming free on EntrepreneurTV right now.

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Originally from Hartford, CT, Rohan Brown played D1 basketball La Salle and went on to work two years in corporate finance. He left and started Barley Inc., with an eye on revolutionizing beverage technology. He has competed in several startup competitions including, but not limited to, the MIT Sports Analytics Conference, Silicon Dragon @ the Nasdaq Center, and Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch twice, and has also been accepted into several business development programs including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Access Network and the Startup Leadership Program.

Watch EntrepreneurTV this week to catch all of the episodes of Brown’s inspiring story, and learn how to apply his life and business lessons to your pursuits.

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