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Is Blockbuster Creating a Comeback?


Mar 24, 2023
Is Blockbuster Making a Comeback?

Could it be accurate?

Blockbuster is typically a memory since the corporation shuttered all its locations — except a person in Bend, Oregon. But eagle-eyed lovers of the the famed movie rental chain of the 90s found anything alter on the company’s formal site and immediately took to social media to go over their findings.

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On viewing, a display screen with the company’s emblem appears with the phrase, “We are doing work on rewinding your motion picture.”

Blockbuster’s formal web site homepage

Nevertheless the chain didn’t reveal why it chose to reactivate its site (which had been dormant prior to) with the cryptic message, Blockbuster joked about generating a comeback and rebranding as a lender on March 15.

Many took to social media to specific that there may well be a reason to consider some thing major is in the functions for the movie rental chain.

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