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JetBlue Rolls Out New Loyalty Programs With Big Perks


May 11, 2023
JetBlue Rolls Out New Loyalty Programs With Big Perks


JetBlue is revamping its rewards program for loyal customers, offering new perks and benefits that can be gained even if you only take a few flights a year.

The company’s TrueBlue program will move to a tiling system. When members spend $100 on qualifying JetBlue and American Airlines purchases, one tile is added to their loyalty account.

Members can trade in 10 tiles for perks, such as free alcoholic beverages on board, priority security screening and boarding, and 5,000 bonus points or double points on a JetBlue Vacations package.

The new system will also offer an easier way for members to reach the coveted Mosaic status on TrueBlue. Once a customer hits 50 tiles, they reach Mosaic level 1 and benefit from the new tile perks permanently.

“As JetBlue grows, we maintain our commitment to delivering innovative programs and products that provide our customers with great service and low fares,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty at JetBlue, in a release. “The new TrueBlue comes at the perfect time as we prepare not only to become a bigger JetBlue but a travel partner that brightens all aspects of the journey.”

Mosaic will now go up to Mosaic level 4, which can be reached through 250 tiles, and will include the most luxurious perks — two upgrades to Mint seating at no charge and four one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and either JFK airport or Newark airport.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Justice sued to stop a proposed merger between JetBlue and Spirit Airlines on antitrust grounds, claiming a merger would increase prices in the industry and reduce competition, as Spirit would essentially fold into JetBlue’s operations and no longer exist as its own entity.

Last summer, JetBlue signifigantly reduced its summer flight schedule after mass cancelations and delays had left thousands of passengers disgruntled.

With the revamped rewards program, flyers will be able to benefit from the airline’s perks regardless of how often they fly or how far — it’s in direct correlation to how much money they spend, which the airline hopes will attract and maintain a customer base that might not fly as frequently as those enrolled in other airlines’ rewards programs.

JetBlue was down around 28.75% in a one-year period as of Thursday afternoon.

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