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  • Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Live Q&A: Top Tech Entrepreneur Rohan Brown


Apr 24, 2023
Live Q&A: Top Tech Entrepreneur Rohan Brown

In his docuseries My Stories With Rohan Brown, the top tech expert gives an unflinching look at his life — from a kid who got arrested at the age of 12 to playing D1 basketball La Salle to working in corporate finance and eventually entrepreneuship.

On Tuesday, 4/25, join EntrepreneurTV’s director of programming Brad Gage as he chats with Rohan about the ups and downs of his journey, as well as the lessons he’s learned that you can apply to your business. Rohan has competed in several startup competitions including the MIT Sports Analytics Conference and Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, and launched his own tech platform Barley, an all-in-one technical solution that makes bars a better experience for customers and bartenders alike.

What time does it start?

Time: Tuesday, 4/25 at 1:30 pm EST

Where can I watch?

Watch and stream: Youtube, and LinkedIn.

You can watch on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Who is the guest?

Originally from Hartford, CT, Rohan Brown is a former D1 college basketball player. After two years in corporate finance, he left and started Barley Inc. to revolutionize beverage technology. He has competed in several startup competitions including, but not limited to the MIT Sports Analytics Conference, Silicon Dragon @ the Nasdaq Center, and the web series Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch twice, and has also been accepted into several business development programs including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Access Network and the Startup Leadership Program. With Barley, customers can find bars and order from their phones, without spending time waiting at the bar, while Bar owners can reach customers and learn from Barley’s all-in-one technical solution. After a successful beta run in Philadelphia, Barley is live and expanding in the Greater Miami Area.

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