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Live Q&A: ‘Uncensored Crypto’ Host Breaks Down Web3


Apr 17, 2023
Live Q&A: 'Uncensored Crypto' Host Breaks Down Web3


Blockchain is the greatest technological transformation since the advent of the Internet is here, promising to disrupt everything from how we work, vote, earn, invest, communicate, and play. Yet, most people are unaware of the transformation taking place on a global scale. Uncensored Crypto aims to change that. On each episode, host Michael Hearne interviews the disruptors at the forefront of the crypto revolution who are shaping our economic, financial, and political future.

On Wednesday, 4/19, join EntrepreneurTV’s director of programming Brad Gage as he chats with Uncensored Crypto’s Michael Hearne about all things crypto — from political impact to wealth-building strategies. Have your mind open and questions ready!

What time does it start?

Time: Wednesday, 4/19 at 2:00 pm EST

Where can I watch?

Watch and stream: Youtube, and LinkedIn.

You can watch on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Who is the guest?

Michael Hearne is a serial entrepreneur with a history of breaking the boundaries of innovation, taking companies to new heights through digital marketing at scale, and throwing his passion into projects he believes in. His career has run the gamut from being a transformational CEO, to “growth hacking” revenue for 9-figure clients, and bringing innovative media-based business models to Web3. In his current role as founder and CEO of Decentral Publishing, Michael focuses on IMPACT. He started the company out of a passion for making a difference, and solving real problems, in the real world, through Web3 technology. His docuseries Uncensored Crypto shares the hidden story of how Web3 and decentralization will reshape every area of our lives. As Uber did for the taxi industry, Web3 is disrupting centuries-old industries, creating tremendous opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to grow massive wealth by doing really good things. His mission is to remove the mystery from crypto, so investors can profit and entrepreneurs are inspired.

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