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Man Sues Resort After Hot Pool Deck Causes Partial Foot Loss


May 1, 2023
Man Sues Resort After Hot Pool Deck Causes Partial Foot Loss


Some fun in the South Florida heat left one vacationgoer with “devastating” third-degree burns.

Theoharis Lekas, 52, is suing Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Florida, for negligence after claiming that the “searing” pool deck caused significant damage to his feet during his August vacation, resulting in a partial amputation.

According to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court obtained by the New York Post, Lekas claims the resort made no effort to cool down the deck or post proper signage urging guests to take precautions.

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He said he couldn’t feel the scalding heat on his soles as a result of his diabetic neuropathy, which “caused him to lose feeling in his feet.”

It wasn’t until the last day of his trip that he realized his feet were peeling from the deck heat. Once he returned home, he was rushed to the hospital and treated for a “bullet-hole-shaped ulcer” on his right foot, which grew “wider and deeper, until it reached the bone.”

While his left foot eventually healed, his right foot continued to swell and resulted in a partial amputation of a toe and part of his foot. He was in the hospital for 16 days, according to the Daily Mail.

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Lekas’ wounds have yet to heal, and he has “been told to expect further injuries,” according to the court documents, which state that he has been left “irrevocably and seriously impaired.”

Lekas is being represented by Matsikoudis & Fanciullo LLC, which disclosed to the Daily Mail that he is seeking damages that could be “north of $1 million.”

“The lawsuit speaks for itself — the resort was negligent,” lawyer Bill Matsikoudis told the outlet. “There is the prospect his injuries could worsen.”

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