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Meet the Entrepreneur Helping Companies Keep Their DEI Commitments


Apr 11, 2023
Meet the Entrepreneur Helping Companies Keep Their DEI Commitments


In the wake of George Floyd, Daniel Oppong was motivated to create something that was impactful. “There are two primary catalysts for starting The Courage Collective,” he says. “One, my company at the time had a pretty lackluster response, which left a lot to be desired, and number two, when I looked at the DEIB landscape more broadly, I wasn’t really seeing the kinds of conversations I wanted to have.”

So he started creating the kinds of conversations that have courage and empathy at the core and that have more of a strategic and holistic view of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging work. “When I think about DEIB, it’s largely about creating a better world through better workplaces and empowering people to show up as their authentic selves,” he explains.

Oppong sat down with Jessica Abo to take a closer look at the misconceptions that people have when it comes to DEIB, the biggest missteps that companies make, and he shared his top recommendations for people who want to do a better job when it comes to this space.

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