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My 7-12 months-Previous Son Throws A Tantrum Over the Same Issue that Upsets Entrepreneurs. Let us Halt This!


Mar 7, 2023
My 7-Year-Old Son Throws A Tantrum Over the Same Thing that Upsets Entrepreneurs. Let's Stop This!


Every few months, my spouse and I have the exact struggle with our son. There are tears. There’s despair.

But a short while ago, in the midst of 1 this sort of skirmish, a little something occurred to me: Entrepreneurs often have this identical battle…only, we have it with ourselves! And still, it is fully avoidable — or, at the incredibly minimum, it can be possible to transfer earlier it without having tears — simply because there is a answer at hand. My son would not hear to me about this, but I hope you will.

Here’s how it goes down with my son.

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