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Oregon Man Tosses $200,000 Out of Car Window on Highway


Apr 19, 2023
Oregon Man Tosses $200,000 Out of Car Window on Highway


They say money doesn’t grow on trees but in the state of Oregon, it apparently floats down highways.

Oregon State Police reported that Colin Davis McCarthy was throwing $100 bills out of his car window along Interstate 5 in Eugene on April 11, which caused havoc and confusion among drivers.

The 35-year-old claimed he wanted to gift the money to strangers out of kindness and that he tossed roughly $200,000 on the highway in total, though police were unable to confirm whether or not that sum was accurate.

“McCarthy was cooperative and agreed to stop leaving money on the roadway,” Oregon State Police Capitan Kyle Kennedy told Today. “OSP is urging the public to avoid the temptation to go looking for money along the highway. These searches create a hazardous condition and put both the searchers and motorists at risk.”

He noted that when law enforcement went to check the highway the next day for any remaining money, it was all gone.

According to local outlet KEZI, the money came from McCarthy’s family’s shared bank account, which he drained before the incident. The family has requested anyone who found the money to return it to OSP as it is “very much needed.”

McCarthy is not facing criminal charges at this time.

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