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Shaq Served in FTX Lawsuit Allegedly ‘Hiding’ for Months


Apr 17, 2023
Shaq Served in FTX Lawsuit Allegedly 'Hiding' for Months


Basketball legend and businessman Shaquille O’Neal was served legal documents on Sunday in the FTX lawsuit, after allegedly dodging the paperwork for months. The lawsuit is targeting FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and the company’s celebrity endorsers for defrauding investors.

Adam Moskowitz, co-counsel for investors on the FTX class action suit and partner at Moskowitz Law Firm, said that Shaq was “hiding and driving away from our process servers for the past three months,” per Coindesk.

“Plaintiffs in the billion $ FTX class action case just served @SHAQ outside his house,” the Moskowitz Law Firm tweeted. “His home video cameras recorded our service and we made it very clear that he is not to destroy or erase any of these security tapes, because they must be preserved for our lawsuit.”

Prior to the update on Sunday evening, Moskowitz Law Firm tweeted at Shaq on April 13th saying that “all other FTX celebrities have agreed to receive their complaints,” and called on the NBA Hall of Famer to have “courtesy and honor” in allowing the lawyers to deliver the papers.

The FTX class action lawsuit claims Bankman-Fried and other public figures defrauded investors by promoting the cryptocurrency in what ultimately was a “Ponzi scheme,” per court documents. Other celebrities implicated in the lawsuit are Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Stephen Curry, and Kevin O’Leary.

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“A lot of people think I’m involved, but I was just a paid spokesperson for a commercial,” O’Neal told CNBC in December.

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