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Taco Bell Employees Stand Up to Angry Customer in Viral Video


May 5, 2023
Taco Bell Employees Stand Up to Angry Customer in Viral Video


Fast-food employees have certainly suffered their fair share of poor treatment from customers, and most are told to live by the code that “the customer is always right.”

But one Taco Bell employee is being praised for refusing to serve a customer who acted up in the drive-thru.

The incident was recorded in a TikTok video that has gone viral. In the video, we see an extremely angry customer yelling into the drive-thru speaker, seeming to be in the middle of an escalating argument. “Why don’t you come out with your own eyes and take a f***king look,” he shouts

The employee calmly responds before another employee jumps in as the angry customer continues to scream expletives.

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“Sir, common sense would tell you to drive up … but, hey, common sense isn’t that common,” the employee snaps back to him. The angry guy gets angrier and angrier, only to get shut down time and time again. One has to guess he eventually drove off taco-less.

Thousands of users took to the comment section to commend the workers on working together and staying calm in the face of an unhinged customer.

“As a former drive-thru worker, I’m glad her coworkers stood up for her because some customers act like everyone isn’t a human with feelings,” one user wrote.

“This honestly makes my heart so happy. As a customer service worker – I’m so tired of being disrespected like I’m nothing and having to smile through,” another said.

Taco Bell did not formally comment on the incident.

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