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Take Your Business Global with These Translator Earbuds


May 17, 2023
Take Your Business Global with These Translator Earbuds


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There are approximately 7,100 languages spoken throughout the world, according to USA Today and Ethnologue. For entrepreneurs growing businesses, that leaves a lot of potential collaborators, investors, and clients out of reach. If you want to branch out and work with people who speak a different language, your options are growing in the digital age, with more advanced devices and technologies coming to market.

For example, Timekettle’s WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds are designed for long and in-depth business conversations. These wearable translator devices integrate a patented HybridComm™ 2.0 technology to create an advanced experience. In fact, the WT2 Edge is the first language translator device that can enable two or more people in a conversation to speak and listen simultaneously, helping create a more natural, communicative discourse.

The WT2 Edge come with these advanced features, which are not seen in any other translation apps or products. It is also said to outperform its competitors when it comes to signal stability, recording quality, smart noise reduction, and communication efficiency. Data suggests that these translator earbuds can increase communication efficiency by up to 200% to 400%. For entrepreneurs whose work hinges on being able to cross linguistic barriers, it seems that investing in quality and clarity can go a long way toward making the implementation of translator devices beneficial.

Timekettle’s WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds feature four translation modes that help bridge the gap between historically truncated conversations between people speaking different languages and real-life chats with people in our everyday lives. For example, its Simul Mode is designed to let people talk without having to pause between sentences, so if you’re on a stream-of-consciousness pitch to a potential client, you don’t have to break your train of thought to let the tech catch up — a norm for other translation products. They also come with Touch Mode, Speaker Mode, and Listen Mode.

For business, the WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds come through big with group communication features. Users can set up a six-person bilingual meeting and an up-to-200-person remote group chat with this translation technology.

These earbuds have been making waves since they launched on Indiegogo in 2021. The promising tech empowered Timekettle to raise over $1.2 million with the campaign. It has received 212 five-star ratings on Amazon, including this one from Dr. Clara Bannister, Ph.D., which reads, “I love the WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds. They give me the confidence to speak the target language. It is like having my own personal language coach!”

Connect yourself and your business to the rest of the world. Order a pair of Timekettle’s WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds today.

Written by Sebastian Little

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