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The Best Way to Retain Employees Is to Use These 6 Strategies


Apr 7, 2023
The Best Way to Retain Employees Is to Use These 6 Strategies


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The year started off with HR continuing to make headlines, as news of massive layoffs within tech and other industries have dominated headlines and discussions about the incredible capabilities of predictive AI — like those displayed by ChatGPT — have complicated the hiring process. It might seem that, after years of record-low unemployment and rapid hiring pushes, 2023 will usher in a new era for managers and employees alike; one that may again favor employers’ interests, juxtaposed by a strong desire for employees to feel a sense of purpose and belonging at work.

While candidates will likely have less leverage going into negotiations than they did at the height of the Great Resignation, the power balance in the workforce may not shift as significantly as one might think. Unemployment is still incredibly low and there are still roles sitting unfilled at businesses around the country. News of layoffs elsewhere may even send employees who feel undervalued or at risk in their current roles to seek new opportunities to get ahead of an unforeseen loss of income.

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