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The ‘Cocaine Cat’ Is Recovering at Cincinnati Zoo


Mar 16, 2023
The 'Cocaine Cat' Is Recovering at Cincinnati Zoo


Many may be familiar with Cocaine Bear, the comedy thriller based on the accurate story of a black bear identified useless in close proximity to a duffle bag loaded with $2 million worthy of of cocaine.

But have you listened to about Cocaine Cat?

You can find no movie yet— but thankfully, his story has a content ending.

Before this yr, a 35-pound African serval — named Amiry — escaped from a automobile that police experienced pulled about for a visitors quit in Cincinnati.

The freaked-out feline ran up a tree. In the course of the rescue by community animal command, Amiry broke his slender leg.

Picture by: Cincinnati Animal Care/Facebook

He was admitted to Cincinnati Animal Care, where by the health care crew tested him for narcotics. The clinic defined on Facebook that this “has turn out to be conventional procedure for ‘exotic’ animals right after we seized custody of Neo, a capuchin monkey who analyzed positive for methamphetamine in early 2022.’

They soon discovered that Amiry was strung out on cocaine.

Photograph by: Cincinnati Animal Treatment/Facebook

Recovering at the zoo

In Ohio, it is illegal to own serval cats—not to mention snort cocaine. Amiry’s proprietor was not arrested, but he did have to relinquish the cat to the Cincinnati Zoo.

The zoo announced on Facebook that Amiry is on the mend.

“Amiry’s health and fitness has enhanced more than enough soon after getting treatment in our veterinary facility that we have been in a position to shift him to the Cat Ambassador Application region yesterday. He is however recovering from a leg damage, so the CAP workforce will retain an eye on that right before allowing for him to run, soar, and have interaction in other activities that may well impair therapeutic. They will focus on assisting him acclimate to a new environment and his new care crew,” they wrote.

So where did Amiry get the blow? The police are still investigating if Amiry’s ingestion of cocaine was accidental or compelled. Prices versus his former proprietor are still on the table, Troy Taylor, the main canine warden for Hamilton County, advised CityBeat.

What is a serval?

The serval is a wild cat native to Africa. It has a tiny head, massive ears, a golden-yellow to buff coat spotted and striped with black, and a short, black-tipped tail. The serval has the longest legs of any cat relative to its body dimensions.

The cats have developed in attractiveness as animals recently— and are lawful in particular states. In accordance to Animals4You, they can expense wherever from $1000 to $1500.

Continue to, a lot of animal authorities really don’t guidance the development, saying servals demand a balanced diet program and specialized treatment way past a property cat.

“There are way superior solutions for pets that are way far more protected, economically wise, and sustainable,” Julie Sheldon, medical assistant professor of zoo medication at the College of Tennessee, advised the Involved Press.

Image by: Cincinnati Zoo

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