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The Dangers of Utilizing ChatGPT in Your Personalized Branding


Mar 8, 2023
The Risks of Using ChatGPT in Your Personal Branding


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Seeking to make your personal brand name, but having difficulties with the time commitment expected to publish a LinkedIn post or, even worse, a prolonged imagined management posting? You are not by itself. A fellow entrepreneur recently claimed to me: “I would fairly have one more C-part than sit down and publish!” That is chuckle-deserving but relatable to so lots of of us, just isn’t it?

Enter ChatGPT. As this chatbot continues to make waves across the electronic planet, turning out to be a very hot matter of conversation equally in boardrooms and in coffee shops throughout the world, several entrepreneurs are observing this impressive AI software as the perfect alternative to their material development bottlenecks. The demand from customers for this magical wand overcome the servers, creating them crash or merely unable of processing the load. All of a sudden, we are looking at many business owners churn out social media and weblog posts at staggering speeds, thanking ChatGPT for giving the articles they can simply just duplicate + paste into their platforms of decision. Enter undesirable information. I determined to compose this write-up at the threat of sounding like a Grinch who stole the proverbial Christmas, but I assure to offset the mood I may perhaps dampen with some simple information.

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The hazards of employing ChatGPT as your personalized branding ghostwriter

As a private branding skilled, I have no choice but to recommend you versus utilizing ChatGPT as your ghostwriter. Let me explain to you why.

When it arrives to creating written content with the purpose of developing a compelling individual model, your strategy ought to relaxation on at minimum just one of the pursuing 3 pillars:

  • Thought management

  • Viewpoint leadership

  • Encounter sharing

From time to time we curate and share anyone else’s content (offering them credit, of course) or share a thing purely for leisure reasons. The rest of the information we set out on-line, nevertheless, must replicate our feelings, our impression and our encounters.

This is where applying ChatGPT can become problematic. When you “hack” the information development process by copying and pasting its responses, you are leveraging anyone else’s views and opinions fairly than your have. Why is it a issue? At very best, your personal model will really feel unoriginal, uninspired and missing the psychological connector that compels audiences. At worst, you will discover on your own setting up a individual model rooted in phoniness, thus foregoing what a personalized brand name ought to be rooted in: radical authenticity.

The “copy and paste” approach runs two other challenges.

The to start with is the hazard of misinforming your audience. According to ChatGPT by itself, it can present inaccurate or outdated facts and can make mistakes. This was the danger we took when plagiarizing from a friend’s paper for the duration of university days, and it is the very same danger we acquire nowadays when plagiarizing from an AI resource.

The 2nd possibility is that a multitude of other business people could possibly have requested ChatGPT the correct exact issue that you requested and are generating a carbon duplicate article or write-up to yours. I give talks to entrepreneurs across the world, and I know that we all complain about the noise and the repetitive “trash” (your words!) that we are inundated with online. Why add to it?

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How to leverage ChatGPT to create your own manufacturer

By now you may be wondering that I am passionately advocating in opposition to ChatGPT for information generation, but you couldn’t be extra incorrect. I feel it is a great instrument that can help us in the precise exact same way that Google translate aids but does not switch the genuine perform a translator does. I leverage it individually and inside my personalized branding company. As promised, in this article are four concepts for how you can leverage ChatGPT properly:

  1. If creating is not a toughness of yours, use your reward of the spoken phrase as an alternative. Inquire your self a problem, and record oneself answering it. Choose the recording, place it by way of a transcription program these as OtterAI, and then consider the uncooked text and put it into ChatGPT. This way, you will be leveraging it to edit your feelings, your opinions and your encounters with out possessing to do any of the actual writing. The high quality of producing could possibly audio generic, but at minimum there will be nothing at all generic about the written content itself.

  2. Not guaranteed what to produce about? Use ChatGPT to brainstorm tips. Tell it that you are on the lookout to produce an write-up, specify the audience, define the overarching theme (it can be general), and ask it to give you 10 ideas. Select the one that speaks to you, and refer to point #1 for the measures to just take.

  3. ChatGPT is specially useful for including punchy opening lines or engaging closing sentences. Of course, it will commonly end each closing paragraph with “in conclusion,” but that can be edited out. Specify the tone you want: experienced or critical, funny or humorous, participating or gentle-hearted, and request for variations to select from.

  4. Use it for report title ideation. I questioned ChatGPT for five concepts for the title of this short article and right here is what it gave me:

    1. “From Personalized Branding to Plagiarism: The Hazards of Relying on ChatGPT for Written content Creation”

    2. “ChatGPT: A Highly effective Resource for Particular Branding or a Shortcut to Phoniness?”

    3. “Leveraging ChatGPT for Private Branding: Guidelines and Tricks from a Branding Expert”

    4. “Radical Authenticity in Private Branding: Why Copying and Pasting from ChatGPT Is not going to Lower It”

    5. “ChatGPT for Particular Branding: How to Use it Sensibly Without having Sacrificing Your Genuine Voice”

These are 5 terrific options. I felt that they have been long for my model and voice, so I asked ChatGPT to shorten the fourth possibility. The final result is what I selected as the title of this short article — an interesting, on-manufacturer title that ChatGPT and I collaborated on for a fast outcome.

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I hope to see more entrepreneurs leverage equipment like ChatGPT — but without having sacrificing human intelligence for an artificial a person. The strategy of “radical authenticity” in individual branding is what resonates with all entrepreneurs. I hear it virtually universally, no make any difference the city or region in which I am offering a talk. Collectively, we seem to agree that “faux it until you make it” is outdated and regrettable guidance (I wrote about it listed here and acquired an too much to handle sum of suggestions from you echoing this sentiment).

And still, as we truly feel enamored with the impressiveness of this new tool, we all of a sudden neglect that copying and pasting is the antithesis of authenticity. We have so substantially to share with the globe, so several battlefield tales to explain to and so many strategies in which we can leverage our encounter to shell out it forward. Why lessen it all to the platitudes pre-generated for us, polluting the on line platforms and jogging the danger of your visitors uncovering that the posts and the article content underneath your title are not even yours at all?

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