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The Fraud Artist Who Robbed Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Blind


Feb 3, 2023
The Scam Artist Who Robbed Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Blind


If you were being a teen in the late 1990s to early 2000s, you could not escape the pull of the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

The boy bands were a cultural phenomenon, influencing vogue and audio traits and shaping the sound of pop audio for a technology. Backstreet Boys marketed 130 million data globally, producing them a person of the ideal-promoting boy bands of all time, whilst NSYNC followed closely powering with 70 million documents marketed.

The man at the rear of the bands was a larger-than-daily life character named Lou Pearlman — pretty much, he was reported to weigh all around 330 lbs ..

At first a blimp salesman (we child you not), Pearlman grew to become one of the most effective talent professionals and record producers of all time, casting and teaching the largest boy bands in the globe.

Image by Mark Weiss/WireImage

Pearlman was said to have a internet really worth of around $300 million at the height of his results — right up until it all arrived crashing down like the Hindenburg. Pearlman died penniless in prison in 2016.

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On the hottest episode of Entrepreneur’s new podcast, Soiled Income, editors Dan Bova and Jon Little inform the lurid tale of the Boy Band Bandit. How did Pearlman become so successful, and where did he go so mistaken?

They are joined by Lou Pearlman expert Tyler Gray, who has published the definitive guide on Pearlman called The Hit Charade: Lou Pearlman, Boy Bands, and the Largest Ponzi Scheme in U.S. Heritage

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