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The Strange Real Tale of the Hollywood Con Queen


Feb 17, 2023
The Bizarre True Story of the Hollywood Con Queen


The cellphone rings and you reply. On the other end of the get in touch with is a female who states they have read all about the wonderful get the job done you do and want to use you for an outstanding project in Indonesia that is taking place ideal now. They notify you to get to the airport ASAP and get yourself on the up coming plane. Maintain all of your receipts — you are going to be reimbursed as quickly as you land, you are explained to. This career not only pays nicely, but it will also surely elevate your profile and guide to larger and better tasks.

So what do you do?

If you are 1 of the hundreds of men and women who bought this contact, you get on that plane. And after weeks — often months — of acquiring the runaround after you are situated in Indonesia, you study that you’ve been ripped off.

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On this week’s episode of Dirty Income, Entrepreneur Media’s new podcast focused to telling the guiding-the-strategies tales of famous scammers, con artists, and barely-authorized lowlifes, hosts Jon Smaller and Dan Bova speak with journalist and co-founder of Campside Media Josh Dean about the weird twist and turns of the Hollywood Con Queen. We would not give absent way too a great deal, but this Queen posed as several higher-ups at firms like Lucasfilm and Sony, and preyed on worker-bee styles in the movie market (make-up artists, stunt man, and the like) who were duped into spending revenue out of their possess pockets that they never acquired back again.

The far more facts, the sleazier and weirder this tale receives. Pay attention to the podcast right here or subscribe anywhere you pay attention to podcasts.

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