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Walmart Pulls Unintentionally Offensive T-Shirt From Its Stores


Apr 11, 2023
Walmart Pulls Unintentionally Offensive T-Shirt From Its Stores


The T-shirt was supposed to celebrate clean living. But a Walmart shopper noticed that it also contained a very dirty word.

“I need this shirt before Walmart realizes what they have done. Find the hidden word,” Tweeted @whosurdaddienow

Walmart found it and promptly yanked the T-shirt from its racks.

“This was not intentional, and the T-shirt has been removed,” a spokesperson for Walmart told Newsweek.

An image of the shirt remains on Twitter, garnering over 2.5 million views and counting.

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‘Not intentional’

What’s the kerfuffle about? The $5 pro-environment shirt was emblazoned with an all-caps “RE” alongside the words “cycle” “use” “new,” and “think.” Upon closer inspection, however, shoppers noticed that the first letter of each word inadvertently spelled the c-word.

This is not the first time Walmart has had to remove an offensive item from its store. Earlier this year, the retail giant pulled a pair of men’s hiking boots from its website after customers complained of a bright red “KKK” logo written on the tongue.

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