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What to Do If You are Accused of Gaslighting


Mar 24, 2023
What to Do If You're Accused of Gaslighting


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The time period gaslighting has develop into considerably a lot more frequent in our discourse around the previous several several years. The word has develop into so frequently used that Merriam-Webster rated it as the word of the 12 months for 2022, with lookup activity raising at a rate of 1,740%.

Merriam-Webster defines gaslighting as the “psychological manipulation of a particular person commonly in excess of an prolonged period of time that will cause the target to query the validity of their thoughts, perception of truth or recollections.” The term gaslighting is usually utilized in political speech, typically to criticize a politician or political committee’s messaging. But it is really increasingly utilized in every day life, in particular in the place of work. Nonetheless, it truly is normally misused.

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