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Why Did the Twitter Logo Transform to the Doge Meme?


Apr 4, 2023
Why Did the Twitter Logo Change to the Doge Meme?


A lot of eagle-eyed Twitter enthusiasts recognized on Monday that the social media platform’s common blue bird icon experienced been swapped out for the ever-preferred Doge meme.

The illustration of the Shiba Inu pet dog, which has develop into the unofficial image for the Musk-backed cryptocurrency Dogecoin, seemed to show up randomly, even though Musk Tweeted an clarification by referencing an trade he experienced with a person just before he acquired Twitter previous calendar year.

A glance at the Twitter household screen for consumers as of Tuesday afternoon.

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The consumer @WSBChairman joked with Musk that he should just “buy Twitter” and “transform the fowl symbol to a doge” following Musk questioned his followers at the time if a “new system was required.”

Musk, who’s been accused of sector manipulation for Tweeting about different shares and meme cash, seemed to have moved the needle as soon as yet again for Dogecoin, which skyrocketed an believed 20% yesterday soon after the emblem improve.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Doge nevertheless appeared in spot of the hen symbol on the social media platform. Dogecoin was up just below 33% in a 7-day time period at the very same time.

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The determination to modify the logo could not have been wholly random, as CNBC noted over the weekend that Musk and his staff submitted to dismiss a lawsuit that accuses the billionaire of managing a “pyramid plan” to pump up and deplete the Dogecoin valuation by using his Tweets.

“There is nothing at all unlawful about tweeting text of support for, or humorous images about, a reputable cryptocurrency that continues to maintain a sector cap of just about $10 billion,” Musk’s legal professionals mentioned, for every the outlet. “This court docket need to set a cease to plaintiffs’ fantasy and dismiss the criticism.”

Musk was component of an additional Twitter-relevant course motion lawsuit final summer, when he was accused by shareholders of staying dependable for tanking the Tesla stock immediately after Tweeting that he experienced “funding secured” to consider the corporation non-public.

A jury uncovered Musk not liable for the losses previously this yr, for which Musk explained he was “deeply appreciative.”

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