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‘You Have to Learn How to Say No’: The Founder of the ‘World’s Best’ Whiskey on What It Requires to Be a True Leader


Feb 20, 2023
'You Have to Learn How to Say No': The Founder of the 'World's Best' Whiskey on What It Takes to Be a Real Leader


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The extended and winding road to success is filled with problems and stumbling blocks. There is certainly so little place at the top rated — and the climb to get there can transform persons. A once potent visionary bends to the will of his or her investors, losing sight of his or her narrative and function in the title of profitability. It really is a popular tale.

But Fawn Weaver, CEO of Grant Sidney Inc. and Uncle Closest Premium Whiskey, took the road a lot less traveled by, and that has produced all the distinction.

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