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Zappos Places Its Foot Down on ‘Shoeperstitous’ Net Developments


Mar 14, 2023
Zappos Puts Its Foot Down on 'Shoeperstitous' Internet Trends


Have you read of “The Shoe Idea?” Us, possibly.

But there is a superstition attaining momentum on social media that gifting shoes to your sizeable other will in the end trigger them to kick you to the curb.

#Shoetheory popped up on TikTok about Xmas very last year and is primarily based on an old legend that shoe items are poor luck gifts.

As TikTok user @DiscoSexGuru informed Slate previously this calendar year: “You give someone a pair of footwear, and you are inviting them to walk out of your existence.”

She claimed that right after providing her companion a pair of Merrell Gore-Tex sneakers, they made the decision to depart their residence in New York Town and shift back again to their hometown.

As strange and irrational as these beliefs sound, The Shoe Idea and other so-called “shoeperstitions” are not heading absent. Some Deinfluencers are even going for walks the walk, encouraging their followers not to invest in sneakers for their associates or put up with horrible misfortune.

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Zappos responds

Perhaps concerned that such theories might be bad for business, online shoe retailer Zappos has decided to stride into the controversy. They recently conducted a nationwide of 2,000 people about superstitions, myths, and social media trends about shoes.

After all, isn’t the business maxim to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes?

The so-called Shoeperstitions Report hopes to separate fact from fiction.

“On any given day – at least according to TikTok – you may find your relationship in peril because your significant other gifted you a new pair of shoes,” Zappos said in a press release. “The next day, skinny jeans could be deemed unfashionable, or a ‘known theory’ that red nails will lead you to romance suddenly piques your interest. Who’s to say what’s actually believable these days?”

Putting The Shoe Theory to the test

Amazingly, 32% of people surveyed by Zappos said that TikTok influenced their decision not to gift their partner shoes. But, in perhaps better news for Zappos and humanity, the majority of people (73.5%) said the gift of shoes positively impacted their relationship.

That’s not to say people don’t have other strange shoeperstitions. For example, 59% of men said they have a go-to pair of sneakers for extra luck, and 46% of women said their luckiest shoes were sneakers.

Some other shoesperstitions do people believe?

Most people buy into the theory that when you throw a pair of Vans, they always land right-side up. In fact, 75% of those believers say they’ve tried it out for themselves.

Nearly 20% of Millennials believe storing shoes upside down is bad luck, so you might want to keep your feet on the ground.

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