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LEGO Launches StoryStarter For Enhanced Literacy


Feb 28, 2024


by TeachThought Personnel

In the classroom, advertising and marketing literacy is a follow that extends much outside of the mere skill to go through and produce.

Literacy is part of wide spectrum of competencies, including language acquisition, comprehension, vital contemplating, and imaginative expression. In this expansive understanding of literacy, we obtain the worth of seemingly easy resources, like LEGO bricks, which can participate in a pivotal job in selling literacy in progressive and partaking ways.

With their common enchantment and inherent overall flexibility, LEGOs supply a one of a kind platform for literacy enhancement. At 1st glance, these colourful constructing blocks may possibly look significantly taken off from the regular tools affiliated with reading and crafting. Even so, upon nearer assessment, it gets to be obvious that LEGOs can aid a deep engagement with the foundational elements of literacy, specifically in the early years of a child’s improvement.

The integration of LEGOs into literacy education and learning is grounded in the theory of studying by play. This solution aligns with the understanding that children are naturally curious and master finest when actively engaged and taking pleasure in them selves.

What Does ‘LEGO’ Stand For?

‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of Danish indicating ‘leg godt,’ which means ‘play effectively.’

By leveraging the playful nature of LEGOs, educators and mom and dad can develop a in a natural way literacy-friendly setting. For instance, when youngsters abide by directions to create LEGO styles, they’re not just manipulating bricks but participating in decoding symbols and texts, which mirrors the reading through approach. This arms-on encounter with pursuing instructions improves their means to comprehend and adhere to published narratives, thereby strengthening their examining comprehension skills.

How Can LEGO Creating Blocks Be Employed In The Classroom?

LEGOs can also provide as a impressive instrument for vocabulary advancement. As little ones explain their creations or the scenarios they are enacting, they in a natural way grow their descriptive language, master new terms, and follow articulating advanced ideas. This verbal expression is a important literacy component, reinforcing understanding and interaction abilities. Educators can even more this improvement by engaging with youngsters about their LEGO jobs, inquiring open up-ended issues that persuade extra detailed responses and deeper imagining.


Resourceful storytelling is an additional literacy ability that LEGOs can boost. Youngsters embark on a journey of narrative exploration by creating scenes and figures out of LEGO LEGOs. They find out to construct stories with a commencing, middle, and stop, create people, and introduce conflict and resolution. 

This tactic can improve their imaginative abilities and help them fully grasp the structure of stories, a crucial ingredient in literacy. Educators can capitalize on this by encouraging young children to produce down their LEGO tales, consequently bridging the hole between oral and penned storytelling.

In the classroom, LEGOs can also be used to assistance the instructing of looking through and producing immediately. Letters and words and phrases can be created out of LEGO bricks, earning the summary nature of the alphabet additional tangible and interactive. For younger children, this tactile practical experience can solidify the recognition of letters and appears, serving as a basis for phonics instruction. For older small children, LEGOs can be used to physically construct sentences and explore complicated grammatical buildings, generating the rules and patterns of language much more accessible and partaking.

The collaborative possible of LEGO participate in further enhances its literacy added benefits. When young children get the job done jointly on LEGO jobs, they observe conversation, negotiation, and storytelling, all of which are essential literacy components. They understand to convey their ideas obviously, pay attention to other individuals, and lead to a shared narrative, abilities that are a must have in oral and written conversation.

Utilizing LEGOs to advertise literacy is a testomony to the power of inventive, perform-dependent understanding.

By tapping into LEGOs’ pure pleasure and engagement, educators and mothers and fathers can support kids in developing a huge vary of literacy abilities. From improving looking at comprehension and vocabulary to fostering imaginative storytelling and prepared expression, LEGOs present a shocking tool for literacy instruction. In the fingers of a skilled educator, these basic bricks can be remodeled into developing blocks for a life time of literacy.

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