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Child’s belly hurts right before university (anxiousness in a little one)


Sep 3, 2023
Child’s stomach hurts before school (anxiety in a child)

At one stage or an additional accomplishing their elementary school decades, just about every of our small children went via a time when they experienced an upset belly right before faculty.  Usually, the belly ache would get started the night time before a college working day. When I would end tucking them in, and they lie in mattress, they’d begin considering (and stressing) about college in the early morning.   They consider about it so significantly that they start out to get fearful to go to school… and these concerns would show up as a ‘belly ache.’

I know they don’t realize it and would by no means admit it, but it boiled down to nervousness about school.

This submit was first printed quite a few a long time in the past, and as a new university yr begins, I desired to share it once more.

Every single year starts off the same… the youngsters are prepared to go, and they are fired up!   

Quickly soon after, it starts: the bellyaches. The stress about school. The teary eyes when they notice that they will pass up me for the duration of the working day. The fear of remaining away from the residence for so numerous hours.   It all weighs on them.  In simple fact, 1 of our small children experienced separation stress and anxiety for months right after starting school.   

These tips function.  They aren’t magic, but they do work.  

What are the symptoms of nervousness in a little one?

When our young children are anxious about college, it results in their very little tummies to hurt.   They have the identical thoughts as grownups when starting some thing new: a new job, a new health club, supplying a presentation to a new group of folks, etc… 

Listed here are some signals of anxiety in little ones: 

  • Not able to slide asleep or remain asleep
  • Exhaustion, fatigue
  • Irritable
  • Kind-Tempered
  • Not able to emphasis
  • Muscle Tension

Although not common, some young children even have stress attacks, like sweating, shaking, palpitations, shortness of breath, chills, or dizziness. 

What triggers stress and anxiety in a baby?

Even though most toddlers and younger kids have some emotions of separation nervousness, it commonly goes absent.   Likewise, if a youngster has separation panic as an more mature kid, it generally doesn’t past very extensive. 

So, what triggers this nervousness?    There can be so many problems, and it can also be quite simple.  Panic can even be regarded as a uncovered actions.  If a dad or mum concerns, a kid is far more likely to be concerned, as effectively.   
Rule out the noticeable issues (how are they being dealt with?  Is somebody or anything bothering them?  Do they be concerned about having in hassle with their trainer for some thing?)

Individually talking, our little ones have all favored their academics.  In all of the a long time that they’ve been in university, we have hardly ever experienced a instructor that they did not like, so I realized that it was not an issue about the trainer.  They favored their friends, so I knew that it was not their classmates, both. 

Sometimes, our youngsters just pass up us.   The considered of getting absent from us for that long is tough for them.  Separation stress can be as simple as that. 

From time to time, our young children just will need us. 

I try to remember crying so significantly in to start with grade that my instructor would keep me on her lap day-to-day.   (I am continue to shut with that instructor to this day… 30 a long time later on.)   I can also bear in mind emotion uneasy at sleepover get-togethers, wishing that I experienced just stayed residence.    

Did it have a big affect on my everyday living?  No.   
Did I have a standard, social childhood?  Of course.   🙂 

In some cases, our young ones just want us. 

I can keep in mind when my cousin (10 a long time youthful than me) would cry just before college.   My mother told her the story about how I did the same matter when I was in elementary school.   

What is the greatest procedure for separation stress and anxiety?

Even understanding all of this, when our initial son was obtaining belly aches prior to Kindergarten for days at a time, I anxious.   
I took him to the doctor and questioned him to assist me figure out why he was obtaining tummy aches, just in case it was some thing a lot more major.

They told us to incorporate fiber to his food plan by using a drink complement simply because many kids tend to have stomach aches from way too significantly feces in their intestines.  They also checked every little thing else and dominated out any health-related difficulties.   

When we dominated out any bodily medical troubles, as very well as other issues, we understood that it was separation anxiety.

When our youngsters get belly aches just before school, here is what we do:

1- Converse about something enjoyable that we are likely to do following college.  
This is a distraction, but it works.  It provides a optimistic light to “tomorrow immediately after school”.  Maybe you can go to the playground or out for ice product tomorrow after school?  Maybe a bike trip or a stroll with the doggy tomorrow following school?

2- Converse about the funny little ones in his/her course.  
“Did ____ do nearly anything that created you chortle currently?  She’s usually building everybody snicker!”

3- Converse about demanding predicaments (checks)
Ask about any exams that will occur that 7 days (probably that is the purpose for the strain) and how remaining ready can lower that stress.

4- Ask if any individual in the class is becoming unkind (one more bring about of strain).  
Numerous many years ago, our son was so upset for a week, with belly aches every morning and each individual night before bed.  Finally, he advised me that two of his friends were being staying mean to him at university.   Once we advised him how to tackle it, and he did, the stomachaches went away. 

5- Pray with and for your child.  
I have located that teaching our children to lean on God in its place of putting all of the tension on them selves is so helpful.   “Let somebody else handle it today.”

6- Ask them, “What is the worst that could transpire?”  
If they are anxious about a take a look at- what is the worst that can happen?  Will they miss a issue?  That’s Ok.   We have a single son who utilized to be so anxious that he might forget to stay tranquil during class.  He concerned about this for months! 

I employed to remind him of this: “First off, you are constantly a fantastic listener, so I don’t consider that you will forget about to listen when the teacher is chatting, but if you do neglect, what is the worst that can occur?  Would your trainer request you to quit?  It’s possible you would even get your title on the board?   

I really do not feel those people are things that you can not handle.

I believe that if your instructor asks you to quit chatting, you will. If your title goes on the board, you will just be reminded that you will need to be tranquil when you look at it.  Both matters are Okay.  You will be Okay.  It’s not a massive deal.”

7- Send a photograph of your family for your child to maintain in their pocket.   
Idea: Try out to locate a picture of a entertaining memory, like a trip or a enjoyable exercise you did as a spouse and children. 

vacation with our family - hilton head island

8- Produce a take note & stick it in his lunchbox.

9- Volunteer as a classroom reader.

10- Discover out if you can have lunch with the class.  
The middle-of-the-day check out may be more than enough to get them by way of the relaxation of the working day. (Be guaranteed that your baby can tackle this right before you go.  I have a pal whose daughter asks her not to appear simply because it can make her also unfortunate when her mom has to go away all over again.) 

11- Pick your baby up as a car rider.  
This always can help our kids
since they get to see me about 45 minutes sooner.

A couple recommendations to don’t forget: 

The fantastic news is that it must ultimately quit.  Yes, it lasted longer with a single of our young ones, but the following calendar year (and many years immediately after that) were so a lot better.    Another 1 of our little ones went as a result of phases of bellyaches a single working day & sensation very good the future day.  It really depended on what was heading on at school. 

What if the separation nervousness doesn’t appear to be to get much better? 

This can come about.  At times, even more mature youngsters can have separation anxiousness that lasts for a longer period.  It can final for lots of months.  When it commences to interfere with their usual lifetime, like playdates, friendships, etc… it may well be a indicator of Separation Anxiousness Disorder. 
As a youngster improvement therapist (Enjoy Therapist), I have seen this in various small children I’ve fulfilled.  I would recommend in search of specialist assist for individuals much more serious cases. 

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