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Kid-Friendly April Fool’s Working day Pranks Children Like! (No Tears, only Smiles!)


Mar 31, 2023
Kid-Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks Kids LOVE! (No Tears, only Smiles!)


Who doesn’t appreciate a single of the silliest, wackiest vacations of the year?  Our young ones like April Fool’s Day!  They believe that it is a hilarious, perplexing, and downright sneaky working day that they’ve all occur to love.

Each year on the working day identified as April fools Day, celebrated on April 1st every year, our little ones appear forward to April fool’s jokes… becoming on the offering & receiving stop.  🙂   

It usually starts with some thing like, “Mom?  There is a  spider!”    or “Mom?  I got into trouble with my instructor.” (These are the ones that we hear yet again & again… haha!)      

If you are experience imaginative, check out out the April Fool’s Working day pranks below. 🙂 

These pranks will only bring smiles (no tears!) 

How do individuals feel up these new concepts every and every single year?  It is like they have a lender of strategies that they keep hidden, just for this just one particular occasion…and then, they unleash the fury of their exciting tips all day lengthy. 

If you’ve got a handful of jokesters in your household, or are 1 on your own, it is usually enjoyment to pull some entertaining loved ones-helpful pranks on your minimal types – as prolonged as they are the style who like jokes like these types.   

What if your children really don’t like jokes?

If they are not the joking style, you can have the little ones aid you play the jokes on an individual else.  This demonstrates them that there is a enjoyment & optimistic side to joking about & generating other individuals chortle when it is completed in a sort way.  They  can see that there is a variation in between “mean jokes” and “Silly, amusing, form-hearted jokes.” 

I have two kids who enjoy them and two who would fairly be on the providing side than the getting facet, so I’ll just get them included in pranking their brothers.   Both sides will consider this is hilarious!  (And all four will prank their father with me – almost certainly with #1 down below!  lol!) 😉

It’s time to incorporate to the foolery fun this April Fool’s Working day!  If you are needing a little bit of inspiration to aid get you started off, right here are some fun kid-helpful April Fool’s Day tricks that are you can play on your children. 

But be warned…if you trick them, they may well locate it required to trick you back again!

1. Pan total of Brownies.
Practically, 1 of the finest tips out there.  Once your young children stroll in the door from taking part in outside, tell them that you’ve used the earlier couple several hours making them a designed-from-scratch pan of brownies. 

Their eyes are certain to mild up as they dash to the kitchen…then, the prank sets in as they see the baking sheet basically full of the letter “E” reduce out of brown building paper…priceless! 

 If you do not have brown construction paper, use white and draw brown E’s on it with a brown marker. Check out out the facts of how to get the young ones associated in this just one at my mate Deirdre’s website

PS- I also make a tray of genuine brownies to bring out right after they see this joke, but I hold them concealed right up until the April Fool’s Joke has been observed. 😉  

Capital letters E made out of brown paper.

2.  Gummy Worms in an apple! 
Applying a thoroughly clean drill bit, wooden rod, conclusion of a mixing beater, or cleanse pen, make a hole in an apple.  Place a gummy worm inside of, leaving on a little bit uncovered to the outdoors entire world.  At lunchtime or snacktime, offer your little one an apple.  

3.  Bathroom paper in their area or across their door. 
It’s time to dig out your inner-teen and rest room paper in your child’s room or doorway.  After your youngster falls asleep, sneak in and rest room paper their area offering them very the exhibit when they wake up.

4.  Alter their screen qualifications
When your little one is asleep, seize their school laptop, iPad, iPod, tablet, cellphone, and so forth., and adjust the background to a picture of YOU (Reward factors if the picture is amusing.) 

5.  Decide from the Marshmallow Bush
Allow your tiny types know that you are managing small on marshmallows and you require them to go choose some from your marshmallow bush. 
It is worth it, belief me!  A couple of moments just before you make this request, head outside the house and get some marshmallows and stick them on the branches of a bush or tree out entrance.  The confusion that will occur will be photograph-deserving.

6.  Bogus bugs in their supper glass.
In their glass of water… at the supper table.   Be certain to have your digicam prepared. 🙂    
PS- To stay clear of dread or tears, I would make them Appear fake (like these major orange spider rings that you get while Trick or Dealing with) until you have a authentic jokester on your arms who will think the real looking-seeking types are humorous. 🙂 

7.  Undrinkable Juice (it is JELL-O)
Fill cups with gelatin and explain to the youngsters that it is juice.   Be certain to location a straw into the cup right before you set it in the refrigerator to business up right away.  In the early morning, offer your young children a cup of juice and get prepared when they try out to get a sip. (Oh- and have a spoon waiting around for the reason that they will be more psyched about the jello than the juice!)

8.  The wonderful Oreo switcheroo. 
Plate them an afternoon take care of of what they feel is just some harmless, yummy, and easy Oreos…but switch out the center product for a little something else (we utilised peanut butter final calendar year – continue to edible, but unquestionably a trick they did not see coming!   

Oh- and we only did it to a few cookies simply because we didn’t want to squander genuine Oreo cookies. 😉 

9.  Alter the shade of their cereal magically. 
Have their bowls of cereal ready for them on the desk, milk-free of charge.  Below that dry cereal, incorporate a couple of drops of food coloring and hold out for them to pour that milk on prime.  The moment they do, the colours arise!

10. Ingesting Rocks in entrance of them 
Your young children will consider that you are crazy when they see this just one, but it’s excellent!   Fake that you located some really rocks in the lawn – show the young ones how terrific they are and communicate about where by you located them.  Then, when they are into your story, eat a single.  

They will not know that you are in fact eating candy rocks!  Here are some sweet ones that you can uncover with my affiliate url on Amazon: Chocolate RIVER ROCKS.
Brightly colored stones.


11.  Caramel “Apples” that are not so delectable. 
Make caramel “apples” the night time before…but instead of apples, dip a couple onions in the caramel and permit them dry right away.  A exceptional and smelly trick for confident!

12.  Whoopee cushion’s galore.
Do your little 
types have a favorite chair to set in?  Adhere a whoopee cushion under it and view ’em bounce from the noise!
Whoopee Cushions
13.  Mashed potato sundae. 
Enable your youngsters assume that you have a wonderful ice product sundae waiting around for them, but in all actuality, it’s just mashed up potatoes in a pleasant, sundae bowl.     (You can do this with muffins, also.   
Bake up mini meatloaves (instead of cake) in muffin tins and switch the “icing” with mashed potatoes.   
Our young children essentially served me make these to ‘trick’ their dad. 🙂   

14.  Spooky Fruit
Adhere googly eyes on your kid’s foods when you’re packing their faculty lunches. When they open up their luggage, they’ll locate two pairs of eyes staring back!

A bowl of oranges, apples and a banana on a table, with Joke for April Fool\'s Day.

Impression Supply: Flickr person herr_hartmann

15. Frozen Cereal
Prior to you go to bed, area a bowl of cereal with milk in the freezer.   When the little ones get up, sneak the cereal out of the freezer & give them their bowl (you’ll have to be up prior to them).    You can even freeze some cereal & milk on a spoon and spot it on top… 🙂

A close up of food, with Cereal

16. Bathroom Paper
Unroll the toilet paper & create something in marker on it.
Ex: “Don’t fail to remember to wash your palms!”   Roll it again up and wait around for the little ones to use the bathroom!

There are so numerous child-helpful April Fools Day Pranks out there that are suitable for all ages.  Have fun with the alternatives and see how several of these instructed methods you can do to your children this April Fool’s Working day!

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