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So much more than colorful socks


Apr 2, 2023
So much more than colorful socks


“Why are socks, underwear, and t-shirts the top 3 requested clothing items in homeless shelters? These items are everyday essentials, but while they’re greatly needed, most homeless shelters can’t accept used socks or underwear for hygiene reasons.
That’s why for every item you purchase, we donate another brand new item to one of our 3,500+ Giving Partners, who use these donations to start conversations, build trust, and connect with those in need.” – Bombas

When I told our kids that I had partnered with Bombas to write today’s post, I knew they’d be excited. I hadn’t expected that they would know so much about them (beyond the clothing).
“Bombas? Do you mean the ‘One purchased. One donated Bombas? That’s awesome, Mom! You need to make sure you write about how they donate a piece of clothing for each one that’s bought!”

This conversation went on for quite a while – it’s when we began researching their donation mission, process, and goals. Wow- I was blown away.

Bombas started in 2013, when founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg decided that they wanted to make a comfortable sock. During their research, they found that socks were the #1 requested item at homeless shelters. That led them to their great, yet simple idea: donate an essential item of clothing for every item purchased.
“We stuck by that mission. You did, too.

One Purchased = One Donated

For every pair of socks you purchase, Bombas donates another pair to someone in need.  The same goes for Bombas underwear and T-shirts.

They just donated their 75 millionth clothing item—which, like the millions before it, will go to someone who needs it. All of these items were designed to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.
75 million— Isn’t that amazing?!


Now, I had heard about how comfortable the socks were… how they “live up to the hype,” and that people consider them the “best socks” ever to be made. They are the comfiest socks in the history of feet.

bombas colorful socks

It took two years of detailed research and development and one episode of Shark Tank before Bombas were completely ready. They have a lot of clothes to choose from for children and adults… and so many types of comfortable, colorful socks for men, women, and children. The quiz & sizing chart will help you find the perfect socks for kids or adults.

Features that put these socks at the top of so many “BEST SOCKS” lists.

Bombas are well-known for their Honeycomb Arch Support System, which fits the arch of your foot snugly yet comfortably. This prevents the socks from becoming worn after a few times of wearing them and washing them. Yet, there are so many more features that are worth mentioning!

  • SEAMLESS TOE: Seamless socks are hard to find. Children with sensory processing disorders really benefit from the seamless socks. While this might not seem like a big deal to everyone, if someone you know has sensory sensitivities, these are wonderful.
  • CUSHIONED FOOTBED: The material is thicker on the socks to provide more support for your soles. (Their hiking socks are great – they won’t leave your feet aching at the end of the day.)
  • DEEP PRESSURE INPUT – Bombas’ Honeycomb Support System hugs the arch of your foot. It keeps it stabilized while you’re busy running around (or hanging around.) This is another sensory-friendly feature for anyone with sensory issues. Although these weren’t developed to be sensory socks, these features allow them to work for everyone!
  • NON-SLIPPING HEEL: They don’t slip off of your heels, either, thanks to the Y-Stictched heel. This is my biggest complaint about other brands of socks. I can’t stand how they will be halfway down my heel after 20 minutes of walking. Bombas socks don’t do this.
  • STAY-PUT NO-SHOW: The practically invisible, no-show socks have three silicone grips on the heel that help keep them in place. They don’t slip.
  • NO-PILLING – Not only do the socks not pill but the t-shirts don’t either. “Because these shirts are made with high-quality Pima Cotton, they’re soft and cool to the touch. Yet, they never pill or look untidy.”
  • GUARANTEED: “If something happens to your Bombas, you’re covered with our 100% Happiness Guarantee. Got the wrong T-shirt size? Our team will send you the right one. Undies disappeared in the wash? Expect a replacement pair ASAP. Dog ate your socks? Yep, we’ll replace those, too. Anything you need, just ask.”
  • COLORFUL SOCKS – The socks not only feel comfortable, but they look as great as they feel with their colorful socks. Of course, they have neutral socks, too.

How Can You Donate More?

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