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The Fur and Leather Centre Makes its Paris Trend 7 days Debut with Electrifying Patterns – Vogue Bomb Daily


Mar 14, 2024
The Fur and Leather Centre Makes its Paris Fashion Week Debut with Electrifying Designs – Fashion Bomb Daily


The Fur and Leather-based Centre crossed the Atlantic previously this month to debut new artful, electrifying items in the course of Paris Trend Week!

Creative director Tiara Peach continues to drive the limits of fur fabrications, making use of pelts to produce trousers, skirts, and sequined separates.

When we imagine of fur we assume of coats, but in Paris, The Fur and Leather Centre supplied multicolored boots, ivory hued hats, and peachy coordinated sets with mink muffs.

There is a ton to love!

See something you like?

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