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The Viral Mschf Big Astro Boy Boots Turn 3D with a Timberland Color Wave by Danny Kabouni


Apr 19, 2023
The Viral Mschf Big Astro Boy Boots Turn 3D with a Timberland Color Wave by Danny Kabouni


Could viral potentially be an understatement? The MSCHF big red boot just took an unexpected turn, this time resembling the traditional Timberland 6-inch premium boot, and wrecking havoc amongst social media for better or worst.

Despite identically resembling the iconic big red astro boy boots that Mschf originally created, these boots are actually a custom prototype created by an artist named Danny Kabouni.

According to Kabouni, after searching the Internet for a 3D model of the Mschf boot, he found someone who goes by the name “BigOverEasy” who created a tiny 3D version of the Mschf boot for your finger. Kabouni then decided to scale ‘BigOverEasy’s” design by 700%, which allowed him to recreate the infamous big red boot in a solid white color within 12 days.

A Designer named Ari, who goes by the IG handle @Pleaselookatmyas offered his interpretation of how a Mschf and Timberland collaboration would look. He explained, “my friend Danny Kabouni 3D printed a pair of Mschf boots, and the other day we try to spray paint them into a Timberland color wave and look what happened,” said Ari.

Photo Credit: @Pleaselookatmyas

The Mschf X Timberland boot has received a lot of feedback with some people preferring this color story than the bright red and others begging for the trend to come to a complete halt. IG Handle @Cole_x94 writes, “these would go better with any outfit,” while @royalle_loves_lux simply expressed, “I’ve had enough.”

It’s evident to see the controversy that these boots are stirring up and since Kabouni’s designs can be spray painted in a variety of different colors- we wonder if their next custom design could be Air Jordans or Converses. As the Mschf brand being known for pushing the envelope and thinking outside of the box, were not surprised that their original big boot design inspired replication.

Photo Credit: @Pleaselookatmyas

It will be interesting to see how the Mschf brand responds to Danny Kabouni’s 3D Timberland design and whether they’ll choose to respect his creativity and artistry, or consider suing for trademark infringement.

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