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DR PHILIPPA KAYE reveals anything that can go wrong with your breasts (that is just not most cancers)


Mar 18, 2023
GP and broadcaster Dr Philippa Kaye (pictured) reveals everything that can go with your breasts (that isn


Boobs. Baps, bosoms, jugs… norks. Coconuts, melons, puppies, the twins, the girls. Waps, tatas, cha-chas, knockers, honkers, bongos, bazookas. Naturally, I’m speaking about breasts.

There are couple organs – bar one or two, erm, clear examples – that have as several nicknames or are specified as a great deal imagined or airtime. A lot of it relates to their sexual operate.

On the flip facet, it’s continue to fairly typical to hear discuss of regardless of whether or not breastfeeding, the key reason of breasts, is ‘appropriate’ in community.

Nonetheless as a GP performing in the NHS I also frequently see patients who appear very mystified about what is usual when it comes to their personal breasts.

The irony isn’t shed on me.

GP and broadcaster Dr Philippa Kaye (pictured) reveals everything that can go with your breasts (that isn't cancer) in her must-read breast care guide

GP and broadcaster Dr Philippa Kaye (pictured) reveals everything that can go with your breasts (that isn't cancer) in her must-read breast care guide

GP and broadcaster Dr Philippa Kaye (pictured) reveals all the things that can go with your breasts (that isn’t most cancers) in her need to-read breast treatment manual

Dr Kaye has written a book about taking care of your breasts  - 'Breasts: An Owner's Guide'

Dr Kaye has written a book about taking care of your breasts  - 'Breasts: An Owner's Guide'

Dr Kaye has composed a e-book about using care of your breasts  – ‘Breasts: An Owner’s Guide’

And so, with this in mind, I have composed a book about them. Breasts: An Owner’s Guidebook, is a one particular-prevent shop to knowledge this most mythologised and objectified body element.

And it’s based mostly on the types of factors I’m questioned and see as a GP. Normally women arrive to me as they are fearful about suffering, a lump, bump, rash or alter. Normally their key dread is most cancers, and of system I usually inform them they’ve accomplished the correct issue in booking an appointment.

But I also consider to reassure my patients. Whilst breast cancer impacts a person in 7 British girls, it’s really not, by a very long extend, the most popular motive for problems.

And so here I’ll test to go over every thing that can (and does on a typical foundation) go erroneous with the breasts, and demonstrate what we can do about it.


Week in, 7 days out, ladies of a vast range of ages appear to see me complaining of the exact thing: their breasts hurt. And I’m glad they do.

Gals, for myriad causes, typically set up with discomfort – be it lingering soreness from giving start to backache from managing all over after and lifting toddlers, period suffering and so on. I’m confident that quite a few gals reading this will be nodding in arrangement. But my information is very simple. Discomfort shouldn’t be noticed as typical or brushed off, and if it’s new or sudden, it need to generally be investigated.

Even if it’s some thing that’s becoming going on for a whilst, there might be anything your GP can do to assist, so reserve an appointment.

Breast soreness, or mastalgia, is incredibly common, affecting seven in ten gals at some point in their lives. For the the greater part, it’s mild and manageable. But in some circumstances it can be depressing – gals who suffer may well avoid exercise, have trouble sleeping, avoid sexual intercourse or even a cuddle.

It’s A FACT 

About one particular in ten women of all ages have at minimum 1 flat or inverted nipple, which may well pop out when cold or aroused.

Individuals who come to me with this difficulty (and numerous other breast issues) often request: ‘Could it be most cancers?’ The remedy is, it is fairly abnormal for agony to be a symptom of breast cancer, despite the fact that it is still well worth acquiring it checked. Lumps and pores and skin or nipple alterations are much far more common symptoms. Putting that aside, I typically attempt to locate out if the ache fluctuates through the thirty day period, and if it influences both equally breasts. If the respond to is yes, it’s most likely to be cyclical mastalgia – soreness related to the menstrual cycle, and purely natural fluctuation in hormone levels.

Every single thirty day period, whether or not you are trying to conceive, these hormones put together the breasts for pregnancy and finally breastfeeding. Oestrogen stimulates the growth of milk ducts in the initial fifty percent of the menstrual cycle and shifting levels of progesterone in the next 50 percent encourage the development of milk glands and breast lobules. And this would seem to trigger distress in numerous women, although it’s not very clear why some are affected and some are not.

Those who endure usually say the suffering is even worse in the handful of days main up to their period. But it can commence up to two weeks just before and tends to make improvements to right after the time period starts off. Frequently the irritation and tenderness has an effect on each breasts, but could be even worse in one than the other and is typically a lot more significant in the upper outer part of the breasts.

You could possibly also notice that the breasts sense extra swollen and lumpy in advance of the period of time, and that this resolves immediately after the interval begins, when the breasts may perhaps come to feel softer and smaller sized.

Cyclical mastalgia can manifest from as quickly as durations commence in puberty to when they end at the menopause. Frequently it is additional extreme through adolescence and then yet again in the course of the perimenopause. It can also occur and go. In excess of-the-counter painkillers this kind of as paracetamol can be practical, as can rubbing a topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel into the breasts. Some women of all ages uncover Vitamin B6, Vitamin E or evening primrose oil health supplements useful.

Some others uncover reward from using flaxseed. There’s no very good scientific knowledge to assistance use of these non-drug treatments, but they are not likely to do hurt.

In a lot more extreme conditions, hormonal solutions these types of as the mixed oral contraceptive capsule can be valuable and, not often, hormonal drugs these types of as tamoxifen or goserelin injections are specified to cut down or block oestrogen.


Not all breast ache is cyclical. It can be more constant and have an impact on just one particular breast. For some, the discomfort could actually originate in the muscle groups of the upper body wall or the rib cage.

Strains, sprains and swelling can happen in these locations due to injuries or physical strain – shifting household furniture is a popular a person, as is overdoing exercise – or because of to a respiratory an infection that results in a ton of coughing.

The breasts dangle off the upper body wall muscle tissues, so not putting on a effectively-fitting bra can be the offender.

Other will cause of non-cyclical mastalgia consist of irritation of the breast (mastitis). This is typically due to a bacterial infection similar to breastfeeding. Shingles – a viral an infection that triggers unpleasant ulcers on the skin – is yet another a person. I’ll deal with this in more element when I discuss breast rashes.

The treatment method of non-cyclical mastalgia will depend on what is causing the discomfort, and basic painkillers can be utilized. Workouts to extend and improve mobility of the back, neck and shoulders can be handy.

If the breasts are huge and heavy, they can result in you to hunch more than forwards, so routines to counteract this may well support.

Hormones suggest guys can go through sore nipples as perfectly

A relatively common condition, called gynaecomastia, causes male breast tissue to grow larger than usual (stock photo)

A relatively common condition, called gynaecomastia, causes male breast tissue to grow larger than usual (stock photo)

A somewhat typical problem, known as gynaecomastia, triggers male breast tissue to expand greater than standard (inventory picture)

Breast difficulties are not just reserved for women of all ages. A relatively typical condition, referred to as gynaecomastia, brings about male breast tissue to mature more substantial than typical.

Occasionally there is just a compact amount of money of excess tissue, maybe forming a agency, tender lump under the nipple, and other situations it is bigger, supplying the appearance of enlarged male breasts. The issue, which can have an impact on a single or each breasts (medically, the expression is employed for adult males as well) and cause issues with self-esteem, as properly as bodily pain.

The space can be painless, tender or very unpleasant.

Gynaecomastia takes place mainly because of an imbalance between the male and woman sexual intercourse hormones.

If levels of the woman sexual intercourse hormone oestrogen are better than testosterone, excessive breast tissue can establish.

Fluctuating hormones in adolescence mean that it is frequent to see gynaecomastia in teenage boys, but it normally disappears on its very own in just a few many years.

The problem is also typical in elderly men, who have slipping concentrations of testosterone.

A number of variables can exacerbate the dilemma: obesity, some medicines, liquor and thyroid situations.

Sometimes medical practitioners may well prescribe the drug tamoxifen to tackle hormonal imbalances, which can shrink the excessive tissue, but some gentlemen will need surgical procedures to take away it.

There is a equivalent-wanting condition, known as pseudogynecomastia, which is not owing to enlarged glandular tissue but extra excess fat.

Typically witnessed in men and women who have obesity, it is regarded a beauty concern as there isn’t irritation or pain.

But males who are impacted can sense self-conscious, and some cosmetic surgeons give fat-cutting down operations for this explanation – at a value.

Some men can be influenced by both equally conditions.


A client, let us simply call her Beth, not too long ago arrived to see me for the reason that her nipples experienced been hurting. She’d been instruction for an impending marathon and found the pain much more on cold morning operates. She advised me she’d constantly struggled with chilly toes and palms, but hadn’t expected chilly nipples. Beth experienced a blend of both equally nipple vasospasm and jogger’s nipple.

Nipple vasospasm can happen with Raynaud’s ailment, when, for explanations not fully recognized, the blood vessels giving the extremities constrict drastically, reducing blood offer. The fingertips, toes and, yes, nipples can be afflicted, and flip white or even blue-ish, and be distressing or go numb.

Suffering can also take place as the areas heat up and the circulation returns to ordinary.

Chilly is one particular bring about, but some patients discover that strain sparks it.

As for jogger’s nipple, this is thanks to chafing, friction and discomfort from garments and movement when jogging. Sporting a properly-fitting supportive bra (I’ll preserve coming back to this) can be valuable, as can utilizing plasters (there are a unique type, called nipple guards) and an anti-chafing cream, or a layer of petroleum jelly.

WHY YOU Shouldn’t Overlook A DISCHARGE

ON the similar day that I noticed Beth, I noticed an additional individual, we’ll contact her Anita, who had observed that she was finding some discharge from her nipples.

She was not expecting, nor was she breastfeeding and hadn’t recognized any other improvements. I’d observed her a thirty day period or so back again and approved her the contraceptive tablet though she waited for an appointment to have a coil equipped.

Nipple discharge is common, and can be connected to the menstrual cycle. It can be regular for some women of all ages. Alternatively, it can be linked to hormonal contraception – as it was in Anita’s scenario – or selected antidepressants, as well as organic nutritional supplements this sort of as fenugreek, which some girls believe aids with interval cramps.

If it is treatment, then swapping to a distinct form can assistance.

After Anita had her coil fitted, the discharge stopped just a few times right after our appointment.

Nipple discharge can also be a indication of breast cancer, so if you do discover it for the to start with time, or you notice modifications in what you’d take into consideration regular discharge, remember to see your GP.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli in 1485

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli in 1485

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli in 1485


Rashes are another common trouble that can have an effect on the breasts. The one particular I see most frequently is intertrigo, which takes place when skin rubs towards skin.

It is much more probable to influence females with massive or pendulous breasts, or if you sweat a lot.

Individuals who endure sizzling flushes and night sweats for the duration of the menopause can get it, as can gals who do loads of training, and we constantly see much more of it all through heatwaves.

The rash of intertrigo is commonly observed on the underside of the breast. It is usually itchy and sore, and the skin may perhaps be purple or darker in color.

Skin cracking, weeping and ulceration can take place far too, and it can be malodorous.

It can also guide to a secondary fungal or bacterial an infection, and antifungal lotions or antibiotics are recommended in these cases.

If you are susceptible to intertrigo, attempt to retain the place thoroughly clean and pat your skin dry in its place of rubbing it, and make positive your bra isn’t chafing. Working with a barrier cream to minimize friction can also assistance.

The breasts are included by pores and skin, so skin situations these kinds of as eczema and psoriasis might arise. Physique lotions and perfumes can also cause dermatitis. In these circumstances, an antihistamine can stop speedy itching and soreness, but in the long run it is essential to keep away from no matter what has induced it.

If you see any adjustments to the pores and skin on your breasts, this kind of as a rash, redness or darkening of the pores and skin, or the visual appeal of cellulite on the breasts, these can be connected to breast most cancers, so be guaranteed to get checked out.

WHY A Nicely-FITTING BRA IS THE Key TO BEATING Quite a few Varieties OF BREAST Agony

Surveys suggest that as many as four in five women are not wearing the right bra for them (stock photo)

Surveys suggest that as many as four in five women are not wearing the right bra for them (stock photo)

Surveys suggest that as quite a few as 4 in five women are not carrying the suitable bra for them (stock photograph)

I question if lots of of you will be surprised to understand that doctors are not taught about bras at clinical faculty. But as a GP, I have learnt just how crucial a properly-fitting one can be.

Surveys counsel that as numerous as 4 in five women of all ages are not putting on the proper bra for them. And I can concur – I see it all.

Bras so tiny that the straps dig into the shoulders and the breasts bulge out, or so large the cups gape.

That is not to mention the bras that are so outdated they clearly deliver no support – or have worn absent so the wire digs mercilessly into the skin.

All these issues can consequence in breast soreness.

And in women with quite massive breasts, there can also be back again, shoulder and neck soreness.

There are some policies of thumb to look for in a bra.

The band, which circles the torso underneath the breasts, need to be amount all the way round, not soaring up at the again.

It should really also match snugly, but not as well tight – you ought to be in a position to quickly slide a finger beneath the band but not more.

Straps ought to be adjustable and altered. Just after all, you could be a foot taller than another person else and have the identical measurement breasts, but the straps will need to have to be longer for you.

The straps should really neither dig in nor fall off. Try lifting the strap with a finger – it need to give a very little but if you can carry the straps up to your ears, they are much too unfastened.

The straps will also want readjusting over time as they turn out to be looser with age.

Also, the centre gore – the part of the bra in between the breasts – really should lie flat versus your breastbone. It must neither float away nor dig into the breast tissue.

And, ultimately, the cups should sit flush to the breast, not wrinkle or sag absent, and they shouldn’t dig in, indicating that the breast bulges above the top.

If you are not confident of your dimension, Marks & Spencer, Subsequent and quite a few other large office outlets provide fitting services.

If you can’t face that, you can also do virtual fittings on line.

And it is really worth trying now as your shape and sizing changes all over everyday living, so it may surprise you to uncover that you are not the sizing you considered you have been.

A LUMP Does not Signify IT HAS TO BE Most cancers

Just not too long ago I noticed a lady in her mid-40s who was incredibly nervous about a lump in her breast.

‘How long has it been there?’ I asked. She didn’t know. She never checked her breasts. In point, it was her husband who’d discovered it.

She was, fairly basically, terrified. And she experienced set off coming to see me for a thirty day period, hoping it would just go absent.

After an evaluation – of course, there was a lump – I referred her to a breast clinic on a two-week wait. We simply call this a suspected cancer referral.

It’s A FACT 

A study of 2,000 persons observed that about 50 percent of males, and 60 for every cent of women of all ages, prefer normal sized, C-cup breasts.

But, as I discussed to this girl, it’s significant not to panic. It does not routinely signify that you have most cancers.

In point, nine out of 10 women referred to breast clinics do NOT have breast most cancers. It is just that we just can’t tell by searching and emotion on your own.

Breast clinics are 1-stop stores. Clients will see a health practitioner and probably have investigations on the similar day.

These can incorporate a mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy, where a minimal little bit of the suspect tissue is taken applying a needle (a local anaesthetic is made use of). Some outcomes could be available the same day.

Fibroadenomas – overgrowth of an region of glandular and connective tissue in the breast – are the most common type of benign breast lump (and this is what it turned out to be in the case of the lady who came to see me). They typically sense round, company and rubbery, and transfer a bit underneath the pores and skin through an examination. They do not are inclined to be agonizing, and most don’t want any kind of cure. Most are significantly less than 50 percent an inch in dimensions, but if they are quite big, or appear to be increasing, we could possibly advise surgical procedure to take away them.

Fibrocystic breasts – collections of modest cysts and spots of fibrous thickening – are also typically observed. These may perhaps really feel like frozen peas or corn inside the breast.

Many girls really do not need cure for fibrocystic breasts. If they are triggering delicate soreness, carrying a supportive bra, implementing light heat to the space and about-the-counter painkillers need to support.

Lipomas, a benign overgrowth of extra fat cells, are a further type of lump. They’re normally modest – fewer than fifty percent an inch – and if they can be felt they are likely to be doughy and tender. Yet again, they really don’t usually need to have treatment.

Bear in mind, check out your breasts, know what is regular for you, and get just about anything new seemed at by a health care provider.

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