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Ex-NFL star’s leg turned to ‘Play-Doh’ following pores and skin an infection


Feb 15, 2023
Lawrence Okoye, 31, pictured while playing for the Miami Dolphins in 2017


An ex-NFL player was remaining in a position to knead his leg like ‘Play-Doh’ immediately after suffering a probably lethal an infection.

Previous defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye, 31, from the British isles, was identified with cellulitis soon after germs swept into his ideal leg by means of a reduce. The pores and skin an infection grew to become so lousy that fluid started out to establish up beneath the skin, enabling the sportsman to ‘mold’ the limb.

Immediately after the analysis, doctors set the 31-calendar year-outdated on a week of antibiotics which cleared the infection. He is now in restoration.

If still left untreated, cellulitis can acquire into sepsis — when the body’s extreme reaction to an infection can be lifestyle-threatening. It arrives following microscopic worms have been filmed swimming in a man’s scrotum in belly-churning footage.

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Lawrence Okoye, 31, pictured while playing for the Miami Dolphins in 2017

Lawrence Okoye, 31, pictured while playing for the Miami Dolphins in 2017

He is also shown while playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016

He is also shown while playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016

Lawrence Okoye, 31, experienced a cellulitis an infection next an injury to his leg. He is pictured above although participating in for the Miami Dolphins in 2017 and the Dallas Cowboys in 2016

In the video, Mr Okoye showed himself kneading his legs six times

In the video, Mr Okoye showed himself kneading his legs six times

It left behind apparently permanent divots

It left behind apparently permanent divots

In the video, Mr Okoye showed himself kneading his leg 6 situations and leaving seemingly everlasting divots

Cellulitis is a relatively typical skin infection, with much more than 14million situations identified in the United States each and every yr.

It is activated when microorganisms — normally the very same microbes that will cause strep throat — get into the pores and skin via cuts and grazes and trigger an an infection.

People usually go through irritation to the affected area, inflammation, tenderness, and agony.

But in some conditions, it can also direct to edema, a serious swelling caused by problems draining fluid away from the impacted place.

Infections are normally taken care of applying antibiotics, and clear up in about a week.

In the belly-churning online video, Mr Okoye displays himself urgent into his leg six times leaving behind indents.

He posted the clip — viewed additional than 8.5million times — in mid-December with the caption: ‘Warning!! This is horrible!’

Viewers have been speedy to leap on the clip suggesting the player may well be suffering from coronary heart problems — or even most cancers.

But in a abide by-up clip, the ex-NFL star mentioned he was diagnosed with cellulitis.

He reported: ‘A ton of persons ended up seeking to notify me I experienced heart sickness or liver illness, kidney illness, most cancers and diabetic issues but clearly which is not the case.

‘Those ridiculous holes that had been in my leg no for a longer period exist.’

He described that an edema — the construct-up of fluid — less than the skin caused by the an infection had enabled him to commence kneading the area.

Mr Okoye has formerly performed for several NFL teams which include the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys.

He also had a stint at the San Francisco 49ers.

But in new several years he has returned to the United kingdom and taken up discus.

He went to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but did not gain any medals.

However, at the commonwealth video games in Birmingham very last year he took home a silver for discus.

DailyMail.com has contacted Mr Okoye for comment. 


What is cellulitis? 

Cellulitis is an infection that impacts the skin and the tissue beneath.

The micro organism can enter the skin by way of an opening, these types of as cut, scrape, burn, or surgical incision, or a bug chunk or sting.

Cellulitis can cause sepsis in some people. Sepsis is the body’s normally deadly response to infection or harm. Sepsis kills and disables millions and needs early suspicion and therapy for survival.

Wherever does cellulitis take place?

The an infection is most popular on the lower legs, but it can happen anyplace on the body. 

Signs of cellulitis:

– Redness about the space the place the bacteria entered the pores and skin

– Tenderness, soreness of the influenced place

– Inflammation

– Blisters

– Fever

Possibility factors for cellulitis:

– Persons who have an impaired immune system are extra vulnerable to contracting infections.

– Serious ailments this kind of as diabetic issues can raise your risk of establishing bacterial infections.

– Pores and skin problems or disorders can lead to breaks in the skin wherever the germs can enter.  

– People today who are obese have a greater danger of having cellulitis and of having it all over again. 

– If you’ve had cellulitis in advance of, you do have a better chance of getting it again.

Treatment method

If you suspect you have cellulitis, see your medical professional or nurse practitioner. If you are supplied antibiotics, it is crucial that you take them as recommended, ideal to the finish of the prescription.

Resource: Sepsis Alliance 

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