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  • Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Never head the cod… now we want POLLOCK with our chips!


Mar 11, 2023
The high price of cod has been a disaster for the nation

Friday evenings may never be the identical all over again – with regular cod and chips less than risk as profits of the fish are overtaken by pollock for the initial time.

In the meantime, Alaska pollock is on class to swap salmon as the nation’s favorite in general fish as the price of residing crisis bites, in accordance to sector figures.

With a 300g pack of ten cod fish fingers costing £3, the equal pollock version arrives in at just £1.75.

The higher price of cod has been a disaster for the nation’s chippies, who are also battling versus major improves in other staples, which include mushy peas, cooking oil and electrical power.

Business figures demonstrate that Uk revenue of cod in the 12 months to January had been some 55,400 metric tons, putting them at the rear of Alaska pollock for the very first time, which strike product sales of 56,199t.

The high price of cod has been a disaster for the nation's chippies, who are also battling against big increases in other staples, including mushy peas, cooking oil and energy.

The large value of cod has been a disaster for the nation’s chippies, who are also battling from significant boosts in other staples, like mushy peas, cooking oil and electrical power.

The figure for salmon was 58,200t, but primarily based on trends, that will be surpassed by pollock by the conclusion of upcoming 12 months. 

Particulars of the change in ingesting behaviors came from Andrew Allchurch, procurement director at Young’s Seafood’s parent corporation Sofina, who was talking this week at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen, Norway.

He stated: ‘The price tag of dwelling disaster has witnessed a boost for pollock solutions.

‘Cod is certainly not the most highly-priced species in the Uk, but we are in a expense of residing disaster and buyers are seeking from better worth.’ 

He included: ‘Total whitefish has been solely supported by the progress of Alaska Pollock. Cod, in distinct, is observing major year-on-year volume declines.’

The former Waitrose government stated gross sales of frozen cod ended up falling sharply, with battered fillets down 19 for every cent, breaded fillets down 17 for each cent and cod fish fingers by 20 per cent.

Mr Allchurch advised Undercurrent News the sector demands to shift away from the standard look at of eating big cod fillets included in batter or breadcrumbs, arguing that younger buyers tended to desire bite-sized parts.

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