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  • Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Shamima Begum’s lies v truth: ISIS bride’s story challenged


Feb 8, 2023
Last night

Shamima Begum has created a fresh plea to be authorized again into Britain following staying stripped of her citizenship for travelling to Syria to be part of ISIS. 

In a new BBC documentary that aired very last evening, she the moment again denies realizing something about the terror group’s atrocities before leaving London and insists that following becoming a member of she was additional of a ‘burden’ than an active participant. 

She tells a equivalent tale in I’m Not A Monster, a controversial 10-component BBC podcast that investigates what took place to her right after she remaining her residence in Bethnal Environmentally friendly with two university mates in February 2015. 

Even so, her case is undermined by a collection of inconsistencies that counsel she has twisted the reality. 

These array from no matter if she realized of ISIS atrocities prior to fleeing the United kingdom to her account of what she did after arriving in Raqqa.

Under, we expose the contradictions in her model of functions –    

‘I’D Under no circumstances Watched ISIS PROPAGANDA’ 

Begum repeatedly promises she ‘did not know’ about ISIS atrocities before leaving London and considered it was an Islamic ‘utopia’. 

She also insists she did not look at any violent propaganda video clips, this sort of as the beheadings of hostages.  

Last night's BBC documentary sees Begum once again claim that she never saw ISIS execution videos before leaving for Syria

Previous night’s BBC documentary sees Begum once again claim that she under no circumstances noticed ISIS execution video clips just before leaving for Syria 

‘I did not know about these atrocities because as a 15-year-outdated I didn’t view the news,’ Begum states. 

‘I received my information on social media where individuals were being declaring this is untrue, it’s an exaggeration.’

Broadcaster Josh Baker factors out that the videos had been all in excess of social media as nicely as the information.  

She replies: ‘But they were being continuously remaining taken down and like remaining deleted so it was extremely tricky to view these videos.

‘And the persons who I was chatting to who were being in ISIS did not deliver these video clips possibly.’

This was despite reviews she manufactured in 2019 to the BBC’s Middle East correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, who questioned her: ‘One of the explanations you joined IS is simply because you viewed some beheading video clips, is that suitable?’

She replied: ‘Not just the beheading videos, the videos that exhibit family members and stuff in the park. 

‘The very good lifestyle that they can supply for you. Not just the combating films, but yeah the combating movies as properly I guess.’

This audio was performed back again on the podcast, before Baker questioned her: ‘You’ve mentioned earlier that you did enjoy ISIS propaganda in London… you mentioned you were conscious of the combating and brutality of ISIS before you left’.

‘No,’ she replied.

Tim Loughton, Tory MP on the Residence Affairs Select Committee, told the BBC documentary: ‘I never believe her and no reasonable particular person would. 

‘However a lot you’re a teenager viewing the Kardashians at house and executing a load of things on social media no person – specifically 3 smart college students from East London – could have been completely oblivious to the horrors getting waged by Daesh in Syria at that time.’ 

‘I Never ever Been given ISIS TRAINING’

The documentary sees Begum deny stories she aided sew ISIS terrorists into their suicide vests. 

Questioned if she was experienced by ISIS she replies, ‘No’. 

When Baker doubles down and asks ‘at any time throughout your daily life in ISIS have been you offered any form of either spiritual training or weapons education?’ she again states ‘no’.

The documentary sees Begum deny reports she helped stitch ISIS terrorists into their suicide vests

The documentary sees Begum deny reports she helped stitch ISIS terrorists into their suicide vests

The documentary sees Begum deny reviews she assisted stitch ISIS terrorists into their suicide vests

Even so, she is contradicted by Um Khaled, a former member of Hisbah – the terror group’s infamous religious law enforcement. 

She remembers observing Begum in a education camp. 

‘We had been in a education camp. They were being only women of training course so did not have their Niqab on. So that is when I saw her face,’ Khaled clarifies. 

‘All the ladies who be part of ISIS for the very first time are enlisted in this camp. At times there would be religious scientific tests and from time to time they introduced weapons education.’


The jihadi bride describes how she stayed with the family of a ‘really nice’ Egyptian gentleman in Raqqa immediately after her spouse was briefly imprisoned. 

Baker states he questioned her about the man, who’s name was Abu Qomra, frequently about 6 interviews.

She gives a variety of answers, at first saying she can not know his title, then expressing his real name was Saeed.

Begum claims not to know an Egyptian man she stayed with was an ISIS armourer

Begum claims not to know an Egyptian man she stayed with was an ISIS armourer

Begum claims not to know an Egyptian male she stayed with was an ISIS armourer 

And she states: ‘He was really wonderful to me, like a father figure.’

Nevertheless, a neighbour who supplied Qomra with electrical energy says he supplied ISIS with weapons.  

‘He was a vicious person and spoke in an intense fashion. He was bad – terrible in the full sense of the term,’ the neighbour states. 

‘If she was living with him she would have recognised all the details of his daily life. It’s unattainable she didn’t know.’

Huda Mukbil, a senior Canadian intelligence officer from 2001 to 2017, suggests Begum could have denied figuring out the man’s serious id to stay clear of guilt by affiliation. 

‘There’s anxiety, there’s trauma. This affiliation in by itself could indicate that people today could see her as a risk,’ she suggests. 

‘There are also effects in phrases of what she’s capable to freely say recognizing that any information and facts can also incriminate her.’ 


Begum describes that the ISIS ‘capital city’ Raqqa appeared ‘normal’. 

‘It was variety of like how I imagined. Anything was functioning and stuff like it was typical life,’ she claims. 

She also denies witnessing any community executions because her partner did not enable her to go outside the house. 

'It was kind of like how I imagined. Everything was functioning and stuff like it was normal life,' she says of Raqqa

'It was kind of like how I imagined. Everything was functioning and stuff like it was normal life,' she says of Raqqa

‘It was sort of like how I imagined. Almost everything was functioning and things like it was standard existence,’ she suggests of Raqqa 

But in a prior job interview with The Occasions, she described how she observed severed heads in bins. 

‘When I observed my first severed head in a bin it did not faze me at all,’ she claimed. 

‘It was from a captured fighter seized on the battlefield, an enemy of Islam. I believed only of what he would have done to a Muslim lady if he had the prospect.’      

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