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Weekend weather Sydney, Perth, Brisbane: Heatwave hits QLD, WA as fires, floods spread

Queenslanders and Western Australians have been advised to stay indoors as a severe heatwave hits this week. A bushfire in Myall Park, Queensland is shown on Tuesday

A blistering heatwave will sweep Australia this week with forecasters advising two specific states to stay indoors to avoid the potentially deadly temperatures. 

Queenslanders and Western Australians have been advised to try and keep cool inside with the worst of the heat expected in northern WA where temperatures could soar to 48C by Friday.

But the rest of the country won’t be immune to the warm temperatures with the Bureau of Meteorology also issuing a low-intensity heatwave warning for most of NSW. 

The heatwave conditions come as more than 50 bushfires burnt across Queensland on Wednesday creating smoke plumes so large they could be seen by satellites sitting more than 35,000km above the Earth’s surface. 

The smoke plumes could also be clearly seen spreading across southern Queensland on Monday and Tuesday. 

Queenslanders and Western Australians have been advised to stay indoors as a severe heatwave hits this week. A bushfire in Myall Park, Queensland is shown on Tuesday

The bushfire smoke could be seen from space on Monday and Tuesday

Temperatures in Western Australia are likely to hit mid-high 40s by Friday

Some fires are threatening properties and lives, prompting Watch and Act and Emergency Warning alerts from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

As well as bushfires, parts of southeast Queensland are likely to see severe thunderstorms on Wednesday, with up to 85mm of rainfall in central east Bundaberg.

The state’s far north and northwest is also under threat of heavy rain, thanks to an active monsoon and tropical low above Australia. 

While the country’s northeastern tropics will be covered in cloud for most of this week, clearer skies the rest of Australia will bring a surge of intense heat. 

A low-intensity heatwave will cover most of country including northern and central WA later this week when temperatures are expected to hit the low 30s.

Tasmania, Victoria, west and southeast NSW will also see a low-intensity heatwave, alongside the southwest and northern past of  Northern Territory, northwest and southeast South Australia and southwest Queensland.

Sydney’s drizzling conditions are expected to clear by Wednesday with the mercury hitting low 30s by Friday and staying hot over the weekend. Beachgoers are pictured on Bondi Beach

Beaches are set to be busy as Sydney will see a 37C day this weekend

Heavy rainfall is expected in far north and northest Queensland

An extreme heatwave warning has been issued in Western Australia by the BOM

Melbournians can expect the hottest weather of the summer so far as heats soar to the high 30s. 

Sydney’s drizzly conditions cleared by Wednesday with the mercury forecast to hit the low 30s by Friday and staying hot over the weekend.

Western parts of the Harbour City and western NSW could see temperatures of 40C.  

Canberra will also hit 30C by Thursday and will remain in the low to mid 30s throughout next week.

Adelaide will continue to soar in heat this week, reaching a peak of 38C on Thursday.

Darwin will also have temperatures in the low to mid-30s all week.



Wednesday: Min 19C, Max 27C. Partly cloudy

Thursday: Min 17C. Max 29C. Mostly sunny

Friday: Min 20C. Max 30C. Sunny 

Saturday: Min 21C. Max 32C Sunny. 


Wednesday: Min 20C. Max 29C. Mostly sunny

Thursday: Min 20C. Max 29C. Partly cloudy

Friday: Min 21C. Max 31C. Mostly sunny 

Saturday: Min 20C. Max 32C Sunny. 


Wednesday: Min 18C. Max 34C. Sunny

Thursday: Min 23C. Max 38C. Sunny 

Friday: Min 15C. Max 26C. Sunny 

Saturday: Min 15C. Max 25C Cloudy. 


Wednesday: Min 11C. Max 27C. Partly cloudy

Thursday: Min 12C. Max 31C. Mostly sunny. 

Friday: Min 15C. Max 33C. Sunny 

Saturday: Min 16C. Max 35C Sunny. Stormy


Wednesday: Min 13C. Max 29C. Partly cloudy

Thursday: Min 19C. Max 34C. Sunny

Friday: Min 25C. Max 35C. Cloudy

Saturday: Min 17C. Max 23C. Cloudy. 


Wednesday: Min 16C. Max 27C. Partly cloudy

Thursday: Min 14C. Max 26C. Sunny

Friday: Min 15C. Max 28C. Sunny

Saturday: Min 19C. Max 32C Sunny. 


Wednesday: Min 13C. Max 25C. Partly cloudy 

Thursday: Min 15C. Max 27C. Partly cloudy

Friday: Min 16C. Max 28C .Cloudy

Saturday: Min 16C. Max 25C. Cloudy. 


Wednesday: Min 25C. Max 31C. Shower or two

Thursday: Min 26C. Max 32C. Shower or two

Friday: Min 27C. Max 33C. Stormy

Saturday: Min 27C. Max 33C. Stormy. 

Source: Bureau of Meteorology 

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