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7 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring


Apr 12, 2023
7 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring


The long winter weeks are finally behind us, and it’s time to usher in the lively spring season. Not only does this time of year mean rejuvenation in nature and people, but it’s especially important in the place you call home. Every property can use a reset, and that doesn’t have to mean a major overhaul. Sometimes, the smallest changes can deliver an incredible transformation.

Every neighborhood is unique and brings something special to the area, and expressing your aesthetic is fun and creative. Take, for example, historic homes for sale in Charleston, SC. These properties are charming and stand out with lovely architectural details and colors. Check out these tips below for sprucing up your home both inside and out.

Tip #1: Exterior Paint

One of the best times of year to spruce up the outside of your home is during spring — when you can add a fresh coat of paint. When the temperatures warm up, you can get out your roller or brush and begin.

Look at your front door. This is one of the simplest and quickest ways of refreshing your home. It’s called “curb appeal,” and anyone can do it. Maybe you’d like a bold, new shade to perk up your home’s exterior. This is an inexpensive project that can enhance your property’s appearance. Don’t forget a new welcome mat for your front door. It marks the first step into your home’s interior.

Tip #2: Greenery and Flowers

Not only should you be gracing the outside of your property with pretty plants and greenery, but the same applies to the inside of your home. Nothing says spring better than fresh-cut flowers in a vase. Decorating with greenery and plants is simple for a longer-lasting improvement, and there isn’t a wrong way to do it.

Don’t worry if you don’t possess a green thumb because there is a nice variety of plants that are almost impossible to kill. Some easy yet attractive household plants to grow include pothos, philodendron, rubber plant, Swiss cheese plant, wax plant, and snake plant. Bring a little nature into your personal space, and enjoy the healthy vibe it exudes.

Tip #3: Furniture Rearrangement

This is another quick and easy tip for breathing new life into your interior. Designers recommend creating the look of open, airy spaces. You can do this by rearranging some of your furniture pieces. A new layout can bring a different perspective to a room. If possible, place your couch against another wall, or move your end tables and armchairs around. Bring in a new furniture piece and swap out an older, bulkier item.

In the meantime, spend some time decluttering, too. Coziness is fine, but if you’re adding more and more knickknacks or an overflow of books in a library case, for instance, it may be time to purge and get rid of excess items.

Tip #4: Lighter Fabrics and Colors

Winter is all about heavy fabrics and dark colors, but spring ushers in renewal and a lighter feeling. You can express that mood for your home by replacing chunky fabrics in curtains and home accents with lighter, smoother touches. For example, put that faux-fur throw in the closet and replace it with an airy, botanical pattern or pastel-colored throw.

In the bedroom, remove your thick blankets and quilts, and try a linen comforter to bring a delicate look to your bedroom. Even a fresh set of white- or pastel-colored sheets can welcome a spring feeling.

Tip #5: Area Rugs

Interior designers know the aesthetic value of a new rug and how it can transform a room. You can brighten a space by rolling out a new rug. There aren’t any hard rules to follow as every individual has personal taste. For instance, if you prefer a look from nature, then choosing an area rug in jute, bamboo, sisal, or other natural materials can help you achieve a modern, minimalist vibe.

Chindi cotton rugs are another excellent option. They are lightweight and come in various pastel shades and vibrant colors. They can bring new energy into a room.

Tip #6: Cookware Update

You probably spend plenty of time in your kitchen, and maybe you’re tired of looking at those old pots and pans you’ve accumulated. You have tons of great options, such as handsome ceramic, non-stick, high-design cookware that can add a subtle newness to your kitchen. Update your cookware, and bring in a new set of pieces that look inviting for creating new recipes.

While you’re there, consider swapping out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. The newest trends boost elegant, matte black and satin brass finishes. These small details help to make a house a home, and you’ll find exceptional features in historic downtown Charleston rentals.

Tip #7: Room Repaint

Don’t just stop at the front door. You can choose a room or two to repaint inside for the spring season. It’s a fast room makeover and can totally enhance your space. Designers suggest painting the walls a light gray for a composed feeling or yellow to brighten your interior. You can pair shades together, such as blush-pink walls with light blue accents. White walls are always timeless but don’t be timid about repainting walls in a new shade to tweak your interior’s color palette.

Step Into Spring

You can wake up your home by decorating for spring and doing it without busting your budget. These professional tips can work in any home, large or small, and with any design preference. Enjoy expressing your aesthetic viewpoint and creating a warm and inviting home.

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