I’m a gastroenterologist – this is why you should not swallow chewing gum

Numerous people will have grown up currently being informed to by no means swallow chewing gum for worry of it sitting down in your abdomen for seven a long time.

But although this is a ‘common myth’, the warning from swallowing gum need to be heeded, an professional has claimed.

Gastroenterologist Dr Sara Mesilhy suggests your intestine simply cannot digest chewing gum owing to its key component, gum base, remaining made of synthetic rubber. 

She suggests it travels by your physique intact and can lead to a blockage in your digestive procedure, resulting in nausea, vomiting and belly ache.

Gum base is what offers chewing gum its ‘chew’, according to the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA). 

Gastroenterologist Dr Sara Mesilhy says your gut cannot digest chewing gum due to its main ingredient, gum base, being made of synthetic rubber (file photo)

Gastroenterologist Dr Sara Mesilhy states your intestine simply cannot digest chewing gum due to its major ingredient, gum foundation, getting designed of synthetic rubber (file photo)

It is created up of a mix of waxes, softeners and non-toxic and secure-to-take in polymers (string of molecules). 

‘The gum base is made up of synthetic rubber, which is not digested by the human overall body. Alternatively, the gum base travels by the digestive program intact,’ Dr Mesilhy reported. 

She claims that since the abdomen is not developed to crack down the gum foundation, it can just take for a longer period for the gum to be processed.

‘The concept that gum stays in your entire body for several years is a common fantasy,’ she extra. 

‘In truth, the chewing gum will finally go out of your system like any other foodstuff, but it might acquire a bit longer.’

But she warns that ‘gulping down’ big amounts of gum, or quite a few modest bits in a shorter time period of time, can form a mass which blocks your digestive tract.

Your digestive tract is the organs that foodstuff and liquids journey by means of when they are swallowed, digested and absorbed, prior to they leave the entire body as faeces. 

This blockage can disrupt this procedure and trigger unpleasant digestive issues.

Even so this is scarce.

Dr Mesilhy promises gum can also be a choking hazard and bring about ‘serious respiratory issues’ if accidentally inhaled.

But the ICGA says swallowing gum presents no greater danger than any other food items. 

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