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Announcing the Winners of the First LawNext Authors’ Giveaway and the Start of Our Second Giveaway During May


Apr 26, 2023
Announcing the Winners of the First LawNext Authors’ Giveaway and the Start of Our Second Giveaway During May


In February, as a way to provide a gamified incentive for authors to contribute articles to the resources library on the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, we announced an opportunity for authors to win gift cards for the articles that got the most views.

Now, we are announcing the winners of that first round — and we are also kicking off a second round for May, with new opportunities for authors to contribute articles and win gift cards.

Let me start with the winners of the February round. The three articles that had the most views were:

  1. Practical Artificiality: How AI Has Become Increasingly Practical In Law, by Marc Lauritsen, president, Capstone Practice Systems. (Marc gets a $300 gift card.)
  2. Find the Thirsty Horses: Legal Tech Adoption is About Personal Value, by Cheryl Wilson Griffin, principal consultant, Legal Tech Consultants. (Cheryl gets a $150 gift card.)
  3. ChatGPT May Turn Us All Back into ‘Thinking People’, by Esosa C. Ohonba, founder, Layman Ltd., and law student at New York University School of Law. (Esosa gets a $50 gift card.)

Congratulations to all.

The May Giveaway

With our first contributor giveaway a success, we’re doing it again. The idea is simple: Contribute an article on legal tech to the LawNext Legal Tech Directory’s resources library, and get rewarded with the opportunity to earn a retail gift card.

The three articles that get the most views during the first two weeks after they are published will earn a $300, $150 or $50 gift card to a choice of retailers.

What kinds of articles are we looking for?

Our mission is to provide legal professionals with practical information that will help them better understand legal technology and make more-informed buying decisions. We seek original articles that will further that mission:

  • Product reviews and product comparisons.
  • Buyer’s guides to types of products.
  • Product how-to guides and best practices.
  • Case studies of deploying or using products.

Authors can be anyone with experience or expertise in legal technology, including legal professionals who have used products in their own work, legal professionals who specialize in technology, legal technology consultants, and legal technology vendors.

You can find full information about the giveaway and guidelines for submission at this page.

This is a time-sensitive giveaway. Pitches must be submitted no later than May 24 and articles by May 31.

As I’ve said before, every article contributed to LawNext is a winner, because you are helping your colleagues in the legal world make better-informed decisions about legal tech. But if we can add an element of fun to it, why not?

I hope you’ll consider contributing an article.

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