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GPT Takes the Bar Exam Once again This Time It Scores Among Leading 10% of Examination Takers


Mar 14, 2023
GPT Takes the Bar Exam Again; This Time It Scores Among Top 10% of Test Takers


Don’t forget earlier this year when two lawful scholars and researchers had GPT 3.5 acquire the many-choice part of the bar exam and it failed to go? Effectively, the 2nd time’s a attraction, as GPT has now handed not only the various-alternative part, but also the essay portion, and scored around the leading 10% of exam takers.

Only this time, it was the just-launched GPT-4 taking the test, the latest AI design from OpenAI that the business states “exhibits human-level effectiveness on many qualified and tutorial benchmarks.”

For this latest examination, people two lawful scholars and scientists, Daniel Martin Katz and Michael Bommarito, collaborated with the authorized AI business Casetext, which just lately introduced the AI lawful assistant CoCounsel, which Casetext has now verified is run by GPT-4. 

“GPT-4 leaps previous the power of before language products,” reported Pablo Arredondo, co-founder and chief innovation officer for Casetext. “The model’s capacity not just to produce text, but to interpret it, heralds almost nothing small of a new age in the exercise of legislation.”

In their prior paper, GPT Normally takes the Bar Examination, Katz and Bommarito explained how they experienced put the GPT model released in late 2022 to the test of the bar test, only to have it are unsuccessful to move any portion.

In a forthcoming paper, they will detail how GPT-4 passed the numerous-choice part and equally factors of the penned part, exceeding not only all prior large language models’ scores, but also the ordinary score of serious-daily life bar examination examination takers.

The implications of all this, Casetext stated in a push launch today, “go far past passing the bar test.”

Casetext’s CoCounsel merchandise, as I explained when it launched March 1, performs 7 main functions, or “skills”, making use of GPT-4. Attorneys can use it to lookup a database, overview documents, summarize documents, and assessment contracts for plan compliance.

They can also use it to extract details from contracts, draft a authorized research memo, and get ready for a deposition.

Watch for LawNext interview up coming week with Casetext about this most recent information.

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