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How Legislation Educational facilities Could Remedy the Legal Tech Competence Challenge Just about Overnight


Dec 29, 2022
How Law Schools Could Solve the Legal Tech Competence Problem Almost Overnight


This year marked the 10th anniversary of the American Bar Association’s adoption of the obligation of technologies competence for attorneys. At any time considering that, I have tracked states’ adoption of the duty, which is now up to 40 states. But even following 10 a long time and 40 states, numerous legal professionals still lack competence in know-how.

Michael Quartararo

“I know the lawful sector tends to transfer sluggish but this is glacial progress,” states Michael Quartararo, president of the Affiliation of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (aka ACEDS). “And it, way too, is unacceptable.”

But Quartararo thinks there is a very clear remedy to this problem — and it is to be found in regulation colleges and the curricula they offer.

He describes his situation and describes what law faculties can do in the write-up, Regulation Faculties Could Remedy the Law firm Know-how Competence Challenge (If They Wished To), which is published in the resources library of the LawNext Lawful Technology Directory.

I hope you will give it a go through.

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