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If You Missed Our Legaltech Week Tribute to Monica Bay, This is the Movie, Together with the Chat Transcript


Nov 7, 2023
If You Missed Our Legaltech Week Tribute to Monica Bay, Here’s the Video, Along with the Chat Transcript


We devoted last Friday’s Legaltech 7 days to a tribute to Monica Bay, the longtime editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, who died last week from difficulties from a neurological condition. In addition to sharing our own remembrances, we invited users of the viewers to appear on cam or mic and share theirs.

Among the all those who did have been John Tredennick, Cathy Kenton, and John Shaughnessy. A spotlight was the simply call-in from Jon Bream, songs critic at the Star Tribune, who told tales of Monica’s days as a audio author, together with Jon and Monica’s backstage experience throughout The Band’s last concert, the one memorialized in the film The Past Waltz.

Other individuals employed the chat to share tales about Monica. The chat transcript is underneath, immediately after the movie.

(You can also pay attention to this as an audio podcast.)

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00:20:00 Austin Holian: I probably experienced an advertiser pull at the past moment

00:24:38 Jeffrey Brandt: Monica was a power of nature…

00:26:52 Joseph Scott: So awesome of you to rejoice and honor Monica. One of a variety and extraordinary. It was a privilege to know her and an honor that she insisted on using me to a Yankee video game in the course of their past week in the previous stadium. A true favourable force in authorized tech. Really miss out on her

00:26:55 gretchen desutter: She was a bottle of champagne – vivid, effervescent, joyful and brilliant – in a environment of ordinary bottles of wine. She introduced Law Engineering Information to a new level, which was why she was recruited from her previous publication in CA.

00:27:30 Jeffrey Brandt: I love that comparison @gretchen!

00:27:32 Robert Ambrogi: @Gretchen Properly explained.

00:27:38 Joe Patrice: Gretchen!!!

00:28:31 Cathy Kenton: A ideal comparison @gretchen!

@David, she always needed materials!

00:28:59 Laura Keeler: Agreed, what a fantastic metaphor @Gretchen! That speaks volume of her character.

00:29:54 Victor Li: I went to law university in New Orleans. That show actually was on all of the time.

00:30:20 gretchen desutter: She was exceptionally very pleased of your perform alongside one another David on your 9/11 stories. That story profoundly affected her, like so a lot of, but as a correct journalist she felt that tale was so vital for the business enterprise communities.

00:31:02 gretchen desutter: Words Monica hated: Solution and no. 🙂

00:32:38 John Kuttler: I transpired to run into Monica and Yvonne Dornic at an Orioles match, of all locations. Of class the O’s had been taking part in the Yankees, which is why Monica was there. Pretty modest earth!

00:33:03 John Tredennick: I would be satisfied to share a tale or two about Monica. Humorous ones actually.

00:35:19 gretchen desutter: A favorite scene with Monica was a Twins v Yankees activity. Monica was sitting down with Jon Bream, today the most tenured rock journalist in the United States (Star Tribune). The two of them competed for a place composing for Rolling Stone masking bands, and Monica got the gig. They stayed mates endlessly. I will need to obtain one of her Rolling Stones articles. IF another person has a person, you should deliver me the hyperlink.

00:40:57 Jeffrey Brandt: wow. I can’t envision her afraid of anything!

00:49:27 LegalType: That is what pals are for.

00:49:46 CJ Webster: This kind of great stories.

00:52:06 Richard DiBona: you require to say “616 you’re on the air” like Larry King

00:55:26 gretchen desutter: Check out JB’s publications on Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Prince. Amazing crafting.

00:56:22 Joe Patrice: It’s the Martin Scorsese movie that is not about the mafia…

00:57:10 Victor Li: it’s also the one particular that doesn’t star leo or de niro

00:59:21 gretchen desutter: Good insight JB – who she was as a good friend and human. Her Karma gods are looking at you.

00:59:36 Laura Keeler: I am comprehensively having fun with all of these exciting tales about her existence! It is neat to hear from individuals who knew her at distinct eras and also how significantly she impacted the local community with connecting & bringing men and women with each other.

00:59:56 Stefanie Brown: I love listening to these tales. I never ever met her but of training course have observed her name in several destinations. She sounds like a fantastic person.

01:00:23 David Horrigan: @Gretchen: “Karma Gods” or in Monicaspeak, “Karma Gawdz.” 🙂

01:01:24 David Horrigan: @Gretchen: “Karma Gods” or in Monicaspeak: “Karma Gawdz.”

01:02:20 Robert Ambrogi: I posted pics of that Periods Sq. second in this piece: https://www.lawnext.com/2023/10/i-am-deeply-saddened-to-report-the-death-of-monica-bay-buddy-mentor-and-job-design-to-so-several-in-authorized-tech.html

01:03:43 John Tredennick: If you want a photo of Monica, I can share just one.

01:04:42 Jeffrey Brandt: Monica is all the tales of the 7 days 🙂

01:05:07 Laura Keeler: 😄 @Jeffrey

01:05:37 John Tredennick: I emailed it to Bob

01:06:05 John Tredennick: Share it

01:06:18 Laura Keeler: Considering that David is a unique guest this 7 days, does he want to share extra?

01:06:27 John Tredennick: Share it in this article on Zoom

01:06:41 LegalType: Authorized tech is a great deal about neighborhood, is not it?

01:06:49 Joe Patrice: Not confident you can set photos in the Zoom chat

01:07:08 Laura Keeler: Agreed @legaltype

01:07:41 Cathy Kenton: I employed to deliver her Peet’s on a regular basis!

01:08:06 Dave Rakowski: They were at first the NY Giants 😉

01:08:21 Victor Li: she was also alec baldwin’s mother on 30 rock

01:10:06 John Tredennick: As I recall, Monica would do December flights to maintain her standing

01:10:15 gretchen desutter: Monica: Brilliant lady. Amazing writer. Astounding human. Great friend.

01:10:31 Laura Keeler: These are such enjoyment recollections — many thanks to all

01:10:46 LegalType: Bye

01:10:51 Martha MacPherson: Thank you, Bob!

01:10:52 LegalType: Thanks

01:10:52 Cathy Kenton: Many thanks Bob and all people for the recollections!

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