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Litigation Prediction System Pre/Dicta Expands Into New Motion Kinds and Circumstance Timelines


Nov 14, 2023
Litigation Prediction Platform Pre/Dicta Expands Into New Motion Types and Case Timelines


Pre/Dicta, a litigation analytics platform that predicts how federal court judges will rule, is expanding to include new motion types and also to forecast litigation timelines.

Right until now, the product or service, which launched in July 2022, lined only motions to dismiss, proclaiming to forecast how a judge will rule with an accuracy fee of 85%.

Now, the merchandise is expanding to present consequence likelihoods for an added 4 movement varieties: summary judgment, location transfer, class certification, and to compel discovery.

It will also now predict timelines for critical litigation functions.

Notably, for these new movement forms, Pre/Dicta is not predicting their results, as it does with motions to dismiss. Instead, it is modeling outcomes for unique judges, instances and courts by using data profiling.

Pre/Dicta founder Dan Rabinowitz phone calls it discovering their doppelgangers. The model seems not just at the choose in your situation, but for other judges who are just like him or very similar in their biographical information.

“We’re looking at like cases for like judges,” he said.

One particular motive that is vital is since the specific decide in your scenario might never have dominated ahead of on a course certification. But Rabinowitz states that by getting the judge’s twins, Pre/Dicta can present very likely results.

It does the identical for case timelines, looking for doppelganger circumstances to present likely outcomes for the a few primary phases of litigation: prediscovery, discovery and demo.

“At the substantial amount, what our investigation has shown is that those people components of scenarios, events, attorneys and judges have the highest correlation to predict results — bigger than finding into the legislation and the specifics,” Rabinowitz said.

“In phrases of getting predictive signals, that sort of tactic of occasion, attorney and decide classification yields the maximum correlation of predictive signal.”

Pre/Dicta’s enhancement of these new attributes adopted from its acquisition in January of the data from shuttered lawful analytics company Gavelytics.

While Pre/Dicta obtained that information mainly for its condition protection, the information also incorporated a great deal of data about litigation activities in federal court.

“When we were integrating the Gavelytics info with our very own, we understood we could promptly augment our information to a total situation lifecycle,” Rabinowitz stated.

Applying Pre/Dicta requires only that you enter a circumstance number. It will then show a dashboard supplying a prediction as to the likelihood of a movement to dismiss currently being granted. It will also display its analysis of similar cases. The Scenario Timeline displays very likely outcomes for at every single of the three states of litigation and the probably timeline to that end result.

The dashboard also exhibits a Movement Product showing envisioned grant premiums for the distinct forms of motions.

A Judicial Benchmarking segment displays grant costs for similar conditions for the precise choose, as nicely as for the circuit and for judges with comparable biographcial profiles.


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