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On LawNext Podcast: LexFusion’s Joe Borstein and Casey Flaherty on the 2022 Lawful Sector in Critique


Jan 18, 2023
On LawNext Podcast: LexFusion’s Joe Borstein and Casey Flaherty on the 2022 Legal Market in Review


Over the study course of 2022, the principals of LexFusion conferred with 435 legislation departments and 250 law firms. Why? Basically set, due to the fact that is what the firm does. It is a go-to-sector firm that defines its objective as “to grease the gears of commerce and fast maximize the adoption of legal innovation.” On behalf of a group of curated lawful innovation corporations, it functions with legal departments and legislation firms to help them fully grasp how modern goods can gain them.

As a outcome of people conversations, they came out of 2022 with a exceptional standpoint on the authorized sector. In a modern article at the Authorized Evolution blog, they discussed their choose-aways from all those discussions and shared some of what they have been telling law departments and legal professionals.

“We executed NDAs with a number of legislation departments and law corporations so we could dig beneath surface-level discussions of simple innovation into the unpleasant realities of budgets and politics,” they wrote. “We uncovered considerably more continual suffering than even we anticipated.”

What was the source of that continual pain and what guidance did LexFusion offer you? In this episode of LawNext, two of the cofounders of LexFusion, Joseph Borstein, CEO, and Casey Flaherty, main system officer, join host Bob Ambrogi to talk about the year that just finished and what it portends for the year in advance.

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