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  • Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

On LawNext: The Inside of Tale of the Caselaw Access Challenge, with 3 of the People Who Produced It Occur


Mar 26, 2024
On LawNext: The Inside Story of the Caselaw Access Project, with Three of the People Who Made It Happen

March 1 marked the culmination of an ambitious and audacious challenge to digitize and present cost-free and open entry to all official courtroom decisions at any time revealed in the United States. Called the Caselaw Entry Challenge, it arrived about, setting up in 2015, by way of an uncommon partnership in between Harvard Law University and a Silicon Valley-based authorized exploration startup termed Ravel Legislation.

The enormous undertaking included scanning just about 40 million webpages from some 40,000 regulation guides and changing it all into device-readable text documents, producing a selection that provided 6.4 million revealed situations, some relationship as far back as 1658. Even though Harvard’s Library Innovation Lab did all the function, Ravel — and later on LexisNexis just after it obtained Ravel in 2017  — footed the bill.

 Harvard completed that digitization in 2018, generating those people cases available for free to the basic general public, but right until March 1, 2024, any business use of the circumstances was limited by the arrangement between Harvard and Ravel (and afterwards LexisNexis). The March 1 milestone marked the entire launch of the instances, free of charge of any restrictions.

On today’s LawNext, we will get the within story of the background of the Caselaw Access Venture and speak about the significance of this ultimate lifting of all restrictions on the data. How did the partnership at any time come about in the 1st place? What was the scanning method like? What does this details signify for the foreseeable future of access to legislation, significantly in the confront of generative AI?

To do all of that, I am joined this week by 3 company who performed instrumental roles in the project:

Nik Reed, the cofounder and COO of Ravel Law, and now senior vice president of products, R&D and style at Knowable, was also scheduled to be on the demonstrate, but had to terminate as of the recording time. 

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